Small Town Quilt Show in a Big Town Way!

small town quilt show rack card
What’s up y’all? I’m checking in today to fill you in on a little (big) quilt show and retreat that I’m teaching at this coming June! It’s here in beautiful Utah, nestled in the mountains. The weather will be beautiful, the accommodations are stellar, and there are some ROCK STARS teaching and lecturing. You should definitely come–if you don’t, you’ll be missing out, for sure.

I mean really, check out this list of presenters:
Jina Barney
Cat Beckstead and Shantelle Cox
Natalia Bonner & Kathleen Whiting
Kimberly Bourne
Melissa Corry<
Laurel Dillman
Amy Ellis
Joanna Figueroa
Becky Goldsmith
Kerry Green
Emily Herrick
Lori Holt
Sandy Klop
Tina Lewis
Tricia Mathis
Sherri McConnell
Lorri Overson
Jenny Pedgio
Helen Robinson
April Rosenthal
Kati Spencer
Deonn Stott

And that’s not all! (I feel like I’m on The Price is Right…)

There will be swag, and giveaways, and even a pajama party. I’m telling you, you should definitely come hang out with me all the really cool people who will be there.


I will be teaching twice, one lecture called Technology for Quilters where I will talk about all the great ways you can use technology to help design and create quilts. My other class is a workshop, where we will be making my Russian Rubix quilt. The best part? I’ll bring my custom die-cutter to cut out your template pieces quick and easy like. SCORE! Also, I will have my new templates on hand as well. It’s going to be a par-tay.

Really though? I’m really excited to be able to teach, and to hang out with you guys. So go on ahead! What are you waiting for? Register!

Talk to you soon!

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