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I was born long enough ago that I remember the first computer coming to my school, but recently enough that I’m not responsible for my fashion choices in the 80s. I grew up in a mid-size town, and married my high school sweetheart. Together, we have 6-year-old twins. They are the loves of my life.

I only reluctantly attend parties and large gatherings, and I tend to hide out when there’s too much going on. I spend hours upon hours cutting, sewing, and pressing fabric in my quiet studio. One of my favorite things is to open the window to hear the wind in the trees.

I use herbs and essential oils to keep my family healthy, birthed my twins at home (best choice I ever made), and know I’m taken more seriously when I wear my glasses. Some of my favorite things include color, fabric, crinkly well-loved quilts, tiny squares, washi tape, and homemade bread with cheese.

In a perfect world, I’d be living in a contemporary farmhouse far enough from everything so I have lots of wide open space, and close enough to civilization that I don’t run out of gas before I get there. I love languages, am never without a sketchbook, have too many pens, and know it is never too late to learn something new. I believe that kindness matters most, preach the power of good design and beautiful colors, and am hopelessly obsessed with the color orange.

While writing and creating each quilt pattern, I do my best to make the instructions as clear as possible. My hope is that anyone could pick up my pattern and be successful in making it, no matter their skill level. That said, please, please contact me if there is anything you don’t understand or think is incorrect–occasionally I do make mistakes–I’m still human. I’m happy to help out–especially if you’re nice about it.

I have been quilting for over 15 years now, and plan to keep doing it for a very, very long time.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and for helping me bring more beautiful quilts to the world.



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  1. Hi it’s Demetria the SoCal Moda rep. Do you happen to have an advance Boo pattern featuring your new line. I have a shop customer who ordered advance yardage and wants the advance pattern so she can make up her sample. Please advise. Demetriarep@gmail.com (310)993-7428.

  2. Hello Hope you can help me I am looking for one of your patterns Twelve Words Block of the month a Scrapy Heart design I think it was block #2, is it still available and can it be purchased? Thank you Nancy

    1. Hi April,
      I wonder if you would agree to my quilt group using your 12 word sampler as a project for the forthcoming year. I would provide them each with instructions for the block on a month by month basis. Using your measurements and ideas. Of course you would be credited, but some of our girls are elderly and don’t even have email. If you would rather I not use it as it stands would you mind if I drafted a version using your 12 words. They are so appropriate and well thought out.
      Feel free to say no if you’d prefer not to.

      Kind regards, Heather

  3. Hello…..can you please suggest a backing from your beautiful Orchard Collection that you might suggest using for the back of your Tiny Treasures Quilt?
    Thank you!

  4. I have purchased your kitty kitty pattern and wonder if you have a video/tutorial on this to help me with this
    Thank you

  5. Hello Ms. Rosenthal,
    I just finished assembling the Midnight Magic quilt and am quite happy with it. Actually I added blocks to fit a king size bed. Madness? Maybe. :-) And yes, I had to purchase 2 additional jelly rolls to accommodate the changes.
    Now I am debating on the overall quilting design. The BOO block will have a spiderweb on which a spider or two will be hand appliqued after the quilting is done.
    Do you have any suggestions? I have looked all over online – without any success – to find the photo of a finished quilt showing the machine quilting. Your table runner is crosshatched, but it might be too tight for a king size quilt.
    Thanks for your help and your beautiful creations.

  6. I purchased Orchard House PDF yesterday and cannot download the pattern. Please help. Thanks!suec07@hotmail.com

  7. I am currently working on the Nightlock pattern and have found some errors in cutting and missing info in the pattern.

    I looked for an update but have not located one. Are you aware of errors already?
    Thank you

  8. I just purchased Fancy Free #175 and it contained a “Hey You” warning card saying there was an error and gave this website. I have looked but there are no corrections for this pattern here. Are there corrections/changes for this pattern ? I’m dying to start cutting!

  9. I am very confused about the right cutting instructions for midnight medallion round 4. The update does not work. Help!

  10. Hi April,

    I am doing your pattern Simply Seasonal. I love this pattern!
    I have a question: do you cut the four corners off after sewing the strips?

    Thank you for all of your great tutorials and info!

  11. I am looking to locate the coloring page for Eat Me #170 pattern. I looked under the coloring page tab and it is not there.


  12. I tried to order your Berry Basket main print from Moda, but they’re sold out. Do you know where f they’ll be printing more?

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