quilts for japan: relief effort & giveaway

There’s not much to explain, really. There are people who need help, and warmth. I know how to help that.

Saturday, March 19th

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

1075 W 1100 N (church building)
Orem, UT

Come tie quilts to be donated to Japan. If you have twin or larger sheets, batting, or yarn you can donate, bring those as well.

Cookies provided. :)

Anyone who comes to help for at least an hour, or who donates materials will be entered to win a prize.

Please, if you’re in the Utah valley area, consider coming to help, if you’re not in the area, please donate as you are able to whatever relief effort you can.

Comment with any questions. Pass the word along to anyone who is willing to help.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


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30 thoughts on “quilts for japan: relief effort & giveaway

  1. I am alyna’s sister in law I have a very large fabric stash and we had just had a family home evening lesson Monday that we wanted to donate fabric to japan but didn’t know how. Alyna said she would forward you my phone number. or you can email me and I will responded with an email and give you my phone numebr that way. I can also post this on my blog if you would like

  2. What a beautiful way to help. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about what to do and all we could come up with was to keep praying. I like this idea too! ;)

  3. I am so happy to see this! We all think “I wish there was something I could do, but what really can one person do that makes a difference?” I know I can make quilts. If I can find a way there-I’ll be there. I am also going to link to this in my blog.

      1. Oh! That would be perfect! A lot of people have frames they said I could borrow, but not all of them will accommodate larger quilts. So yahoo! Thanks so much. What’s your blog address?

  4. What a wonderful way to contribute. I posted it on my blog and will try to make it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to. Crazy day, this Saturday.

    1. Yeah, I figured instead of waiting for the “perfect” day, I’d just jump right in and hope it works. Thanks for your post. Hope to see you!

  5. I am coming and am happy to bring some supplies but I am not a quilter and was wondering if you could be more specific? What size/kind of batting and fabric to you need? How much yarn per quilt? Thanks for doing this!

    1. Hi Rachelle! Thanks for being willing to come learn! Tying a quilt isn’t hard, and it’s pretty fun, too. On the batting, you’ll want to get a twin or full sized piece. When you go to buy it, you can either purchase a precut piece that is the appropriate size, you you can have the cutting table cut a piece from a large bolt for you. For twin size, you’ll want approximately 70″x90″. For a full size, 90″x90″.
      Typically I work with quilter’s cotton or flannel. Either cotton or polyester batting will work just great.

  6. I’m not what you would call an avid quilter, and my stash isn’t huge, but I’ve definitly got some fabric you could have. How can I get it to you? I’m assuming you want it before Saturday. Email me if you want it!

  7. I have about 10 or 12 yards of fabric if you need it. It’s turquoise and brown, very cute. I can drop it off to you ahead of time, or piece it into tops and backs for twin or full size quilts and bring it on saturday. Just let me know what you want me to do.

  8. I think this is great. I live in SLC, and I’m a member of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. We were looking to something similiar. However when I called the humanitarian center today, they told me they were not shipping any quilts to Japan. So how are you shipping your quilts there and getting them distributed? Any help would be great.

  9. I wouldn’t be able to stay, but I do have some yarn that could use some lovin’. I’ll drop it by :)

  10. April,
    Thanks for helping to put our love and desire to help into actions. It was wonderful today to work with sisters from all over Utah valley and beyond for our brothers and sisters in Japan. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please let us know if you weren’t able to get everything you wanted to completed today. I am sure there are still plenty like me who would be happy and willing to continue helping you!!!

  11. I have a source for delivery to Sendai from Tokyo. Let me know if I can help. Also I am happy to finish some left overs from Saturday if you still have some left.

  12. Love the pinwheels in “Tranquility” funny, I also did pinwheels with my layer cake in that line…… sorry I don’t live closer to have come to help, but I’m glad to hear that you had such a great turn out! I’m helping, how I can, from where I am :)

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