Modern Neutrals: A fabulous new book by Amy Ellis


Let me tell you about my friend Amy. She blogs over at Amy’s Creative Side, and was my roommate at QuiltCon.

She writes books. Three books so far, and many more to come, I’m sure of it. This is her new book, Modern Neutrals. It’s amazing. Also, if you’re looking for a quilt book that isn’t all flowers and girl stuff–you’re welcome. This is that book.


I was the lucky duck who got to piece this quilt here, called Circuit Board, and though I almost gave Amy a heart attack by finishing it at the last minute, she’s nice enough to still be my friend.

She’s got about a million great ideas, and a whole lot of awesome ahead of her.


You should probably follow her blog, and keep track of what she does, and get a hold of her books, because well, if she’s designing mind-blowing quilts like this?


You definitely want to know what’s she’s got up her sleeve next.



PS Congrats on the new book, my friend, it’s gorgeous.


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