Jelly Filled Book [Gridlock Quilt]

My amazing friend Vanessa (fellow Moda designer and owner of Lella Boutique) wrote a book–well two books actually, this is her second one.

I’ve been lucky enough to watch some of the behind the scenes of her process putting this together, and I’ve got to tell you–not only are her patterns brilliant, and satisfying, and lovely to look at–but that’s how Vanessa does everything. This book, her fabric collections, her standalone patterns, and how she lives her life. She makes hard things look easy, and all things look beautiful.

Her book is full of whimsical stories, and delightful patterns, and even I couldn’t resist making a full quilt top when the assignment was as simple as “read through it, maybe make a block!” :)

This book is that good.

So do yourself a little favor and go order it. You can thank me later. Plus you’re supporting a maker and mama who is one of the best of the best. Win-win I’d say.

Pattern is Gridlock from the book Jelly Filled by Martingale.

If you’d like to win a copy, head on over to my Instagram ?



PS You’re gonna want to see this full quilt. Stay tuned.

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16 thoughts on “Jelly Filled Book [Gridlock Quilt]

  1. Hi! Yes, I think you need to continue your blog! First time here for me but I’m thinking I’ll be back cause you’ve got some good ideas and I sure would like that book of jelly-filled quilts! Press on! Jenny

  2. Years past, one of my favorite things to do was read blogs. I’d love getting inspiration from quilting bloggers…..but now blogs are a thing of the past. I think everyone should resurrect their blog! :)

  3. This is my first discovery of you! You write so beautifully you must continue! I can’t wait to dig deeper in your treasure chest of post! ❤️

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