international quilt market 2011: the nerves edition

I’ve been quilting up a storm over here, getting ready for my first appearance this spring at International Quilt Market. Lucky for me, it is being held nearly in my backyard—Salt Lake City–only 40 minutes from my home. I’m so excited and so nervous as I’m making my preparations. Since I’ve never been to market before, there’s the fear of the unknown, of course, along with the “What did I get myself into?” feelings, too.

I’m really excited to meet with the shop owners and show them my patterns–but at heart I’m a pretty quiet, introverted person. It’s going to be a stretch for me to socialize for several days straight. Hopefully, I’ll get caught up in the incredible energy there has to be when that many people passionate about something are in the same room, and just fly right past the nerves. That’s what I’m crossing my fingers for.

I’m really interested in your opinions, though. If you have ever attended market, what booths did you love and why? What display styles were effective for you as a shop owner, to really show you if a pattern would work for your shop? Are there incentives that would motivate you to order right there on the spot? If you’re not a shop owner, but went to a show expecting to buy a quilt pattern or two, what would help you choose which to purchase? What would you expect to see, hear, experience?

Thanks for helping a girl out.



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3 thoughts on “international quilt market 2011: the nerves edition

  1. I think you’re going to be great! I’m excited for you. I don’t know much about Quilt Market. You have a crisp and beautiful feel to your design, so I’m sure if you can translate that into a booth, it will be lovely. :) Can’t wait to hear more about what you’ll be doing and how everything goes.

  2. I think it makes a big difference to have TONS of your product actually there at your booth so the customer can walk away with their purchase in hand. (Granted not big wholesale orders, but you know what I mean.) You’re new, so people are going to want something to remember you by–and your product is the best way to do that.

    Or at least that’s what I’ve noticed at the conferences/expos that I’ve been to in a different market.

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