Here comes the bride.

My (not so) little brother is getting married tomorrow, which of course means that my house is full of flowers.

His little chicky (aka fiancee) wanted to be surrounded with purple, yellow, and white on her big day.

So naturally, her wish is our command.

My house smells glorious, and I’m gearing up to make a billion boutonierres and bouquets.

Right after I go have some yummy food at the dinner in their honor.

This event will also explain why I’ve been a little distracted…I’ve been altering wedding and bridesmaids dresses all week.

But don’t worry, I still love you. And I still have a bunch of quilts and projects to show you, too.

Just as soon as I can breathe.



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7 thoughts on “Here comes the bride.

  1. Happy wedding day to the bride and groom. Hope it all goes beautifully. Can’t wait to see a few pictures in the coming days after the festivities are over. ENJOY, a family wedding is a blessed day.

  2. the flowers are stunning; I bet the house’s full of fun, love in the air, music, lots of people coming & going & just HAPPY STUFF! can’t wait to see pictures…weddings are awesome, no matter what!

  3. I’ll tell you how it came together – absolutely PERFECT! You all looked so amazing – I still can’t believe you were able to tear apart dresses to have material to make the necessary adjustments – truly amazing!! And the flowers were stunning, just the perfect finishing touch. Wish I could have held her bouquet all night instead of guarding it for a few minutes – it smelled absolutely heavenly. Every one’s hard work really paid off – another feather in the Anderson hat of wonderful family.

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