Hello My Name is Hazel


I’ve heard that my mom is a fabric designer for a place called Moda.

That she sews all the time.


I hear jokes about us having enough “blankets” to survive the apocalypse. And more coming all the time.

And there is a whole lot of fabric around here. I hear it’s called Meadowbloom. (Ships July/August)

meadowbloom6There are rumors that she gets in a frenzy twice a year, getting ready for some big trade show. Designing new patterns and the like.

That all those preparations take over our home and things get a little…hectic.

But here’s the thing.

11150742_10152697756792553_8394723383986623517_nI haven’t seen any of these things.

I’ve been too busy snuggling.

And smiling milky smiles.


I have been teaching everyone in this little house to adore me.

Which means they don’t have time for much else.

Because no matter how beautiful the fabric is, or how lovely the quilts might be, there’s just nothing quite like that newborn smell.


Or so they tell me.

So instead of a blog takeover, what has happened over here is a whole life and family takeover.

And we’re all loving every minute.1011257_10152700766967553_6306339383919813659_n

Don’t worry, I’ll let my mom get back to quilts, and sewing, and fabric soon–and maybe, just maybe, I’ll see you at the next big show. I hear it’s in Houston.



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17 thoughts on “Hello My Name is Hazel

  1. Baby is precious! We’re getting our 3rd grandchild (boy) on June !st. I can hardly wait! We’ve got some of the Meadow Bloom ordered too!

  2. such a cute baby – I have not seen a baby named Hazel in awhile – it was one of my grandmother’s name so I like hearing it.

  3. Thank you for sharing…gorgeous pictures of your precious baby! For a moment I forgot about quilts and could only smell that newborn baby scent!

  4. Oh, I must say…your best and most beautiful design yet!! Welcome sweet baby Hazel! We adore you. Oh, and Meadowbloom is gorgeous too. It seems that you do lovely work in every genre my dear. :]

  5. Your Hazel is so beautiful! I was there myself just a year ago- they grow so fast and I’m sure you’re enjoying your time with her!

  6. Hazel, you are beautiful. And you’re training everyone to keep their priorities straight. BTW, that picture of your mom’s studio has to be a setup. Who could keep their fabric straight, keep sewing, and be your mother — all at the same time? Your mom is great.

  7. Welcome to the world beautiful Hazel. She’s adorable! And I think Meadowbloom will end up in my shopping cart in the future.

  8. Hazel is adorable! My little girl is 2 and I miss these days so bad. It goes by incredibly fast so enjoy every second. Now I want another baby!

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