Using these little charm packs to make a quick and easy (and just a little out of my comfort zone) quilt.

The colors are right up my alley, and so are the prints.  I’ve been a fan of Lotta’s long before she was creating fabric. In fact, I think I still have a stationery set from a few years ago on my Amazon wish list. :)

Ignore that this quilt needs to be pressed. There’s only so much daylight. The part that’s out of my comfort zone? That stretched me as a quilter just a bit this week? The asymmetry–and not just a little asymmetry, but a whole quilt full of it. I think it’s interesting that something can still be balanced even though it’s not the same on both sides.

I’m also working on deciding what baking project is worthy of these beautiful eggs from the chickens around the corner. (Thanks Sue!)

I’m working on living up the rest of the summer at the farmer’s markets with a fairy princess.

And her bodyguard, Batman. (Dang, they’re cute.)

I’m also working on a project with this…

Using a whole bunch of these–because hey. Soccer season just started. I’m chillin’ at the field 3 evenings a week and twice on Saturdays. Plus, Halloween is one of the best holidays around.

I’ll keep you posted.

What are you working on?



PS Fabrics are Bella by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics and Happy H”owl”-o-ween by Deb Strain for Moda

2 thoughts on “Works-in-progress…

  1. I LOVE the new pattern. So much fun and I can’t wait til I can make it myself. ;) I am excited to see how the Halloween one finishes up.

  2. I love your project–especially anything Halloween, because–you’re right–it’s the BEST! I’m working on a crocheted bolster pillow because I’m crazy about them. Also, learning to write crochet patterns–which is so dang fun.
    Your new quilt is lovely and bright and good for you, for making something that made your eye twitch a bit. ha! :}

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