Virtual Quilting Bee
Block #3 Tutorial

Virtual-bWelcome friends!

I’m happy you’re here at my blog! If you’re visiting for the Virtual Quilt Bee, hello! Let me introduce myself really quick: My name is April Rosenthal, I’m a quilt pattern designer and blogger, a mom to 5 year old twins, and a wife to my high school sweetheart (awwwww). I have a sweet little pattern company called Prairie Grass Patterns, which I absolutely adore. I also adore fabric, herbal tea, the color orange, helping my family be healthy, and above all, I’m an obsessive learner. I would love it if you’d stick around and introduce yourself so I can get to know you, too! I’m naturally pretty introverted, but I truly love my friends {<–that’s you}–and I love helping others learn.


I’ve known Amy for a couple years now, and darnit, she’s one of the coolest people I know–and hey, when one of the coolest people you know asks you to be a part of their virtual quilting bee, well, the answer is quick and obvious. So here I am, with my block pattern!

Let’s get to it, shall we?


First, cut the following, being careful not to stretch your triangles:

Orange polka dot: (4) 2½” squares

White and red floral: (4) 2 7/8″ squares, subcut once on the diagonal to make (8) small triangles.

Aqua check: (2) 4 7/8″ squares, subcut once on the diagonal to make (4) large triangles.


Sew the short side of a small triangle to one side of each orange square. Press seam toward the square. Repeat with another triangle on adjacent side. Press toward square.


Right sides together, sew one pieced unit to each large triangle, along the long edge. Press toward large triangle.


Lay out the block. Sew top two blocks together, and bottom two blocks together. Press toward large triangle.


Sew rows together. Press to one side.

There you have it! This one is quick and easy, you’ll have it put together in a flash. When I finished putting mine together, I was shocked at how different they look. There is so much less contrast in the solid orange block, but the darkest fabric stands out so much more. The Happy Go Lucky block is fun and balanced, and has a more traditional feel. They look like totally different blocks! Which do you like better?


I seriously can’t wait for the rest of this quilt to come together, the finished quilt is going to be so fun!

Thanks again for stopping by, let’s talk really soon!



PS Stay tuned this weekend for some pretty pictures of some works in progress…

PPS, If you missed the first two blocks, click on the “Virtual Quilting Bee” button in my sidebar. Amy is listing them all there, just for you.

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20 thoughts on “Virtual Quilting Bee
Block #3 Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial, I’m delighted with my block. I made the block in under an hour, it’s sharp, precise the only downside is I need to wait a day or so to get daylight so I can take a picture.

  2. It’s interesting how much the block changes with the solids versus the patterns. I’ve got to make one of each! thanks for the patterns! I’m looking forward to making a “Sampler” quilt with the Virtual Bee Blocks.

  3. Love the pattern. What a difference between solid colors and pattern. Think I will do the block with pattern quarters. Thanks for the tutorial..what fun.

  4. I’ve made two of these – it’s interesting how the look changes when the focus fabric is in a different positition.. Easy tutorial to follow, thank you.

  5. Hi April, I’m just joining in with this bee and have made your block this evening :) It’s a great pattern and your instructions were very simple to follow, thank you! I’ve almost ‘lost’ the small triangles though, so might have another go later in the week just to see what else I can do with it! Thanks again.

  6. I love your block and it is a wonderful tutorial! But I have a shortcut for you if you are interested. It does not require any triangles to be sewn. Give me a shout if you are interested to know. Gonna be following you!

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