Summer Star Block: A free quilt block pattern

Hey everyone! A fun treat for you today! I have a free block pattern up over at Gen Q Magazine, you don’t want to miss! Go check it out, download the free pattern, and while you’re there, explore the other cool tutorials and articles they have at their site. There’s some fun stuff there!

PS: Thanks for the love on the new quilt patterns! I’m looking forward to spotlighting them in the next few days and telling you a bit more about each! Also, I may just be posting a giveaway in the next few days…just as soon as I get some last minute Market sewing done…Mwa!


UPDATE: I’ve received a few emails saying that they can’t download the pattern from Gen Q. If you can’t get it to work over there, download it by clicking right here.

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16 thoughts on “Summer Star Block: A free quilt block pattern

  1. I love your block! I found your block (and blog) through Sherri at A Quilting Life. I will definitely be back.

  2. By chance I found your blog and I must say how much I like this block. I like everything about it, the design and the colors that I just have to make one to go in a sampler quilt I’m doing. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Love it.

  3. It’s very pretty and I plan to make it for my calendar block swap. It would be helpful, however, to know what size the block finishes to. Can’t find that reference anywhere.

  4. Love this block! What size does it finish at? Wondering if it’d be a good fit for one of my bee blocks this month.

  5. The link is broken and I love this block. I just came across it. Can you tell me where to find the pattern?

  6. You really created a fantastic combination of color and design. I love it! I am thinking that I will try to enlage this block to a baby crib quilt top. It is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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