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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a little bit into embroidery lately. Or, more specifically, I’m into incorporating embroidery and hand stitching into my quilty projects. The Twelve Words sampler has embroidery in each block, I just submitted a quilt to a magazine (out in July-ish?) that has some darling embroidery on it (if I do say so myself). I’ve done two Sweetie Pie quilts with hand stitching around the leaves…I might be a little obsessed.


So, as I was looking into doing this block-of-the-month thing, I wanted to find an embroidery floss that wouldn’t tangle, that had vibrant, on-trend colors, and that wouldn’t bleed or pill when it gets wet. I mean, I’m using this floss in quilts, and around here we use our quilts.


The cool people over at Sublime Stitching sent me this sweet package, and you should have seen me when I opened it. I was over the moon!

The colors are gorgeous.

The branding is fun, cool, and snarky. Just what I like in my embroidery floss.


Also, I’ve used it for all my blocks for the Twelve Words sampler, and for the magazine quilt, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve sprayed it down, ironed it, washed it in the washing machine–it looks just as lovely as the day it came in the package. Absolutely no bleeding or pilling.

I’m a fan.


If you want to get a hold of your own Sublime Floss, head on over to their website and grab some. And when you get your awesome floss in the mail, make sure you read the text on wrappers and stuff. There’s some funny stuff there. That, or it was two in the morning when I was doing some embroidery. I’ll let you decide.



PS Nobody paid me for this post. Sublime Stitching was gracious enough to provide me with some floss to sample, but didn’t ask that I review it. I just did because hey, it’s a great product and I thought you should know.

PPS Have you all been following Amy’s Virtual Quilting Bee? It’s super fun, and you totally should. I get to post my block on Friday! Be sure and come back to see.

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