some other day

Remember the old rhyme?

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.

I think this past week or two have been a whole lot of those “some other day”s all stacked up.
I mean, here in Utah, we don’t usually see moss on our trees.Snow on blossoms? Sure.Rain? Not as often.


It’s kind of nice to see so much green springing up before the heat of the desert summer takes over.There are a few other things springing up, too.Little miss Lily was more than delighted when she found a “beautiful flower” for me outside.I have to say, she was so sweet that I was pretty delighted about it too.

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4 thoughts on “some other day

  1. Other than getting in the car–I really haven’t spent much time roaming around out there in the yard. Guess I need to do that. It looks kinda pretty out there…finally.

  2. I love the weather. It’s actually nice to have it change so much since it diversifies my commute and even my walks from one building to another when I go to corporate in the afternoons. Change is so good :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! :)

    I suppose this is what Spring is really supposed to be like. Usually it’s snow and cold right until it’s super hot and Summer! I can’t wait until it’s pretty enough to play outside and not be sorry for it later. ;)

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