Recipe: Easy Raspberry Freezer Jam

Remember how I said I was going to have too many raspberries? The time has come. In fact, I think there are still some out on the bushes now, probably drying up. Honestly, I picked as many as I could without evaporating. It’s HOT out there.

Anyway, I got a LOT.

And I had just learned how to make freezer jam from a house party my sister threw. It was easy. And yummy.

So easy in fact, that I decided it would be the perfect “activity” for my kids to do.

Turns out making freezer jam utilizes several skills that come quite naturally to three-year-olds.

Mashing things, for example.

Stirring something for only 3 minutes. (Even they have that long of an attention span).

Sneaking tastes on the side.

And smearing it on any piece of bread that will stand still long enough. Even if it is a hot dog bun.


And all I had to do was pour it in the jars.

They even put the lids on and took them out to the freezer for me. (This was one of several batches.)

Raspberry Freezer Jam

2 T Ball Realfruit instant pectin

2/3 cups sugar

1 2/3 cups mashed raspberries

Mix the sugar and pectin thoroughly.

Add in the mashed berries.

Stir for 3 minutes.

Put in clean jars.

Put the lid on.


Doesn’t get easier.


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13 thoughts on “Recipe: Easy Raspberry Freezer Jam

  1. Such fun pictures! Congrats on getting something productive done. I have yet to do anything productive. ;)

    1. Sorry, my mouse got away from me when I was typing adorable, and I wondered what happened to the ‘able’. Now see that it went to the first line.

    1. They’re pretty huh? I’ve loved them since I first saw them, and loved them even more when I saw what they’re called…”Quilted Canning Jars”. :D

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