Russian Rubix (#111)

I always liked a good challenge.
I wanted to figure out how to make this quilt without using applique or Y-seams.
Most people’s first response? “Oh! Just snowballs.”
Not really.
A little more tricky than that, but beautifully simple, too.
And the final quilt? Totally worth the trickery.
Simply jaw-dropping.
Best of all, you can make it in any size your little heart desires.

5 thoughts on “Russian Rubix (#111)

  1. Hi, I bought this pattern and it refers to a template, but I can’t find it! Help! I’m at a retreat and can’t make it!

    1. Hey Cheryl! It should be either printed in the background of the pattern or inserted inside as a loose sheet. I will email it to you right now.

  2. Does the new template work with the original pattern which I have. Do you have a video tutorial to show how to use the template? There was no instruction with the template. And is it possible to get a template that is the same size but just the octagon shape?

    I have 4 graduation quilts for 4 friends that want your Rubrix pattern in different collections, so I need some help!! Thank you.

  3. Hi April,
    how much yardage does it take for the background fabric on a queen size quilt for this pattern?
    Thanks, Lynn

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