Hey there! Thanks for coming by for my day on the Moda Love blog tour! I’m excited to be here and show you my version of the Moda Love Layer Cake Quilt. I kinda LOVE it!


If you’ve never been here before, let me introduce myself really quickly. My name is April Rosenthal, and I am one of the newest designers for Moda (still can’t believe it.) My first line, Best. Day. EVER! is coming out so, so SOON! In fact, I’ve heard rumors that precuts have shipped and should be landing on doorsteps any minute now.


I am a pattern designer for my company, Prairie Grass Patterns, which I started 5 years ago when I had 18 month old twins. Obviously, I was crazy from sleep deprivation to start a business when I did, but it’s been such an incredible ride!

Like I just mentioned, I’m a mama to twins, a boy and a girl, who are 6 years old now. They are literally my world.


I’m so excited to be able to design for Moda (Best. Company. EVER!) and work with all the amazing people there. I love color, and fabric, and quilting, and creating with my hands. So, of course, I feel like my job is the absolute perfect thing for me.

Now, let’s talk about LOVE. :) I’ve been asked to answer a few questions, so here goes!


What  is the best part of your design process?

My very favorite part of designing, whether it’s a quilt pattern, or a fabric line is when the whole thing just clicks. There is always excitement at the beginning with choosing colors, and having new ideas, but when the whole thing comes together just perfectly, it’s amazing.

I love the color……

Orange. Orange. Orange. I’m obsessed.

I would love to spend a day with……

My grandparents. They both passed away years and years ago, and I miss them like crazy. If we’re talking about love, they’re the first people I think about. I wish they could meet and love my children.

Finally, I LOVE my quilts! Especially this Moda LOVE Layer Cake quilt. First off, it’s super simple to make. Second, all it takes is a Layer Cake and a background fabric! I chose to use several of my white background prints to make this, but you could use just a single background too. Third, the pattern is FREE. (Click here to download it.) Can’t beat that. I can’t wait to see your versions! Be sure to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #modablogtour so we can all see!


I had a good time personalizing the back of my Moda LOVE quilt too! (I will post the free appliqué pattern this week.) I actually used the back of this quilt as my tablecloth at market…it helped me to remember to be cheerful even when I had to film videos. :)

Since the people over at Moda are so nice, I’d LOVE (alright, I’m getting cheesy now…) to give away some precuts! Just comment on this post telling me what color you LOVE and why. I’ll announce the winners on September 13th.


Be sure and stop by the other Moda designers’ blogs, to see their Moda LOVE quilts, and for more chances to win!

Thank you so much for coming by and come back soon!



PS Pssst! 20% off all PDF patterns in the shop through Sunday night with code MODALOVE.



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544 thoughts on “Moda LOVE

  1. Wow, I love so many colors but I would have to say that lately I am drawn to all things aqua. It is so versatile and plays well with so many other colors. Love your new collection.

  2. I love blue because it looks good on me and it makes me happy. I cannot remember ever liking any other color as much as I do blue.

    Patricia C

  3. So hard to pick just one, I love color! But, I will go with pinks and corals because they have been at the top of the list since I was a little girl.

  4. I love the Rainbow, really I love all colors. I absolutely love this collection (and the quilt) it brings out all the colors of the rainbow!

  5. I have always loved orange! I love how it looks with other colors especially pink ! So you won’t be surprised that your fabric knocks my socks off! I really look forward to seeing some in person!!

  6. I love all colors but I think my favorite or “go to” color is blue (all shades of it) :) Can’t wait to see your new fabric line in person!

  7. Blue is one of my most favorite, but then there are so many beautiful greens, and orange is the best Halloween/Fall color (all year long) and then there is ……..hummmm, never ending list : )

  8. I love purple. It seems to be a calming color for me esp. pale purple. Soothing and serene. Thanks for the giveaway and love your Jigsaw Puzzle pieces quilt gorgeous!

  9. I can’t decide between orange/coral and teal/turquoise/mint green! Can’t I love both? I think I can, I love my twins equally too! Why? I don’t know, they just speak to me :)

  10. I love blue (with green as a close 2nd.) I am so looking forward to seeing your new line in person, because you have such happy blue and green colorways.

  11. What color do I love best? I’d say it’s a toss up between red and green, but I’m really smitten with red and orange together.

    Your Best Day Ever is perfectly named – SO HAPPY!

  12. My favourite colour ever is duck egg blue because it is so soft and pretty. I really like all shades of aqua because it is such a happy colour, especially teamed with red or orange. x

  13. My favorite color has always been red. It doesn’t matter if I try to go a different color route, red always sneaks in somewhere.

  14. I am going through a red and white phase right now which is odd, I have never quilted using a lot of red but once I tried it I was hooked. Welcome to Moda, great fabric, refreshing colors.

  15. I love bright colors!!!! But if I had to choose just one, it would be purple. I love to make black and white quilts with a pop of a bright green, orange, red or even electric blue. Welcome to Moda!!!!!

  16. If it’s bright I’m happy. I gravitate to blue and green but seems like I have a lot of pinks in my collection. I just made a Pink Elephant Patch Pal. I just don’t like dark and drab.

  17. Navy blue seems to be my favorite. I think it’s because i love jeans so much. Back in the day when you bought a pair of jeans they were navy blue, not faded out or ripped up.

  18. I have always loved the color blue. It can remind you of blue skies; blue water; I don’t know why. I just do. Congrats on you joining Moda. Thank you for being a part of the Moda Love Blog Hop and the chance to become a Moda Winner.

    Sandi Timmons

  19. I love all shades of blue. The color is always so soothing to my eye. I do sew with lots of other colors though, so it would be hard to use only one :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I love your line, and am going to buy a fat quarter pack as soon as it comes out to make new placemats for my mother’s 80th birthday, as she needs some colour in the grey Edmonton winters. Her favourite colour is pink, but my favourite is the green you chose. Thanks, April!

  21. I love robins egg blue. I could look at it all day. In fact its a rainy dreary day, I should go to my local quilt shop and buy a little bit of it. Thanks, you talked me into it!

  22. My very favorite color is yellow. I love it because it’s so happy and bright and cheerful. A sunny yellow is like the beginning of a day when possibilities abound!

  23. Love the combination of colors in your Best. Day. Ever. collection, especially the pink. I pre-ordered a fat quarter and am going to make your Parcheesi quilt wit it. Can’t wait.

  24. I love pink! It is the color that looks best with my skin tone. It is also just the prettiest color in my opinion.

  25. I think your version is the best yet! What fantastic colors! Thank you for the giveaway! I love pink, but aqua, too. Also red. Maybe some orange.

  26. Presented with a range of colors I am always attracted to shades of turquoise, especially the lighter shades but lavender is coming in a close second…….such great neutrals too in a quilt.

  27. Is it wrong to love more than one color at once? I used to just have one love, but in recent years I have found myself fluctuating back and forth between three colors. Purple, in the form of deep rich shades like eggplant, oranges, like good rich oranges that remind you of fall and Halloween and greens, in the limey shades. And just when I think I have a favorite, I see teals. :(

  28. Same as you, orange orange orange. My favorite color changes from time to time but orange is this years color.

  29. Hmmmmm that is a hard question to answer. My favorite color used to be blue – then yellow – now it is usually green. Guess it depends on the shade. I love the brightness of your fabric and LOVE the Jigsaw pattern you designed. I LOVE doing puzzles and putting together sewing blocks is like doing puzzles to me. When I saw your pattern and watched your video – well I would LOVE to use your fabric for this pattern. Thank you for this wonderful chance at this giveaway!

  30. I love green because it reminds me of the newness of life and it is compatible with many other colors.

    I really like your Best Day Ever line and can’t wait to see it at the shops. The white background pieces will be so fun to play with!

  31. It’s so hard to pick one favorite color! Right now I’d say pink. My granddaughters love for the color pink has been contagious!

  32. Red is my favorite colors. I love the energy that it puts out in a quilt. I think most of my quilts have some form of red,

  33. I love earth colors so neutrals have been a favorite, but when the air turns crisp and the leaves start to turn, I really love orange. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  34. I love any color that has deep, dark red in it: rust, maroon, purple. I don’t know why. Red was my favorite color as a child and maybe my taste has just evolved from that. It’s great to be introduced to new designers via Moda blog hops. Your layer cake quilt is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win some of your lovely fabrics.

  35. I love that saying you put on the back. Words to live by, that’s for sure! And how could it not be the best day ever with so many bright colors. To quote a small child, my favorite color is rainbow. ;D There’s just something so happy and joyful about so many bright colors in one place! If I had to pick one color though, I’d probably pick teal. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Hello, April! I’ve been a fan of Prairie Grass Patterns for several years. Now, it’s good to see your fabric collection–bright, cheery colors! I believe “First Date” may find its way to my pattern collection. Thanks for participating in the Moda Blog tour. Thanks for the chance to win some of Best. Day. Ever!

  37. I LOVE the color purple, deep dark eggplant purple. It’s been my favorite color ever since I can remember. Your version of the Moda quilt is wonderful so vibrant with color. ;->

  38. Absolutely LOVE the bright captivating colors of this new collection! :) Green is my favorite. It’s so fresh and alive, yet calm and inviting. Thanks for sharing!

  39. I love, love, love the blue range… Which could also blend into aqua! This is the colour range that makes me smile and sigh!!!

  40. I am with you, cannot pass up the color orange – every shade and hue. I recently worked on a quilt kit that used black, white and grey batiks. While I love working with batiks, and really liked the look of black and white, I just had to throw in some orange – even marching the orange out into the border – just a little and only a pale hue….makes the quilt sing now.

  41. I don’t think I have a favorite color (well…maybe red) but I love to combine different colors to see what happens.

  42. I have always loved purple. I’m just naturally drawn to that color, but really I can’t say why.

    Having said that, I do love bright colors. I really love your new fabric collection with all its bright colors for sure. I’m going to need to have some of that soon. So pretty and bright, especially with Winter coming.

  43. It’s a tie between aqua and bright lemon yellow. Aqua is so soothing and yellow is energizing, opposite ends of the spectrum I guess.

  44. Blue is my favorite color and all shades. I do not know why but just love! Thank you and I love you colors and patterns!

  45. I love color as I see that you do! I love how colourful your fabric collection is! My favorite color is aqua blue- I don’t know why but I just love it! Congrats on your first collection for Moda.

  46. Recently my favorite color has been a lovely shade of robin egg blue because it looks good with everything and I find it soothing and cheerful at the same time. I like a lot of colors though, and my favorite is always subject to change!

  47. I love orange. It’s not a natural color love– it’s been cultivated over the years because my youngest son (a twin, btw) has a vision deficiency which limits his ability to see anything except the brightest of colors. Orange was the first color he responded to, so naturally we filled his world with lots of orange — including a quilt and some pillows and wallhangings. I collected orange and yellow fabrics for years for him — and now I truly do love orange. It’s cheerful and sunny and high energy.

  48. My favorite color is pink because I am a girly-girl and I just love pink!! Thank you for the chance to win some of your awesome fabric

  49. How do you pick a favorite color when you love them all!! Lately though been feeling the greens and yellows, brights which is so out of the box for me…LOL!

  50. Pink has a special hold on my heart. I love it in every shade from the palest ballerina pink to the most vibrant neon pink. It is such a fun and happy color!

  51. Favorite color you ask? Well, it would have to be blue. I find I stray from it, but eventually come back. I seem to incorporate other colors with the blue….like now I like it with red and orange. But seriously the sky is blue and it goes with everything…right?

  52. I love turquoise but everything in my house is gray, go figure. I love your Dahlia pattern, it could be on my bucket list soon. You should be very excited about the fabric line, what an accomplishment.

  53. My favorite color is also orange, hence the color I planned my website around and most of my quilts and projects have a touch of orange in them. I love your Love quilt, really shows of your wonderful fabric line.

  54. I love aqua. It’s a color that just makes me happy and I love it paired with other colors–
    especially red and pink. Congrats on your first line with Moda-I love your bright, happy colors!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. I love the color blue! It’s so versatile. From the aqua blue that is so retro and fun to the grayish blue that has an early American feel to the classic, clear blue of the sky… Yes, blue is my favorite color. :)

  56. My favorite color is green. I find it calming. It is the color of “leaves” so it goes with any other color. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  57. Blue! Any shade of blue! Blue like the sky, blue like the ocean, cornflower blue. And…periwinkle blue, my favorite. Blue just makes me happy…not blue.

  58. I love the color purple! I’ll take any shade, from lavender to darkest raisin. I love lilacs, they bloom every year around my birthday, and they smell so wonderful! That’s where my love of purple comes from. Thanks for the give away, love your nice + bright fabrics!

  59. Wow – I love the Best. Day. Ever line! My favorite color is blue, because no matter what mood you are in, there is a shade of blue to go with it. Thanks!

  60. I love all colors especially the earth tones and spice colors. If I need a pick me up then I love the oranges and yellows they are so bright and cheery!!

  61. My favorite color is purple. It can be any purple, but royal purple is my favorite. So beautiful, so sparkly, so royal. Pale purple can be soft and whimsical, to flower-like with all shades of purple, and sunset.
    Congrats, April, on your fabric and new patterns!
    I can totally see me doing Dahlia, and Puzzle will be awesome for an Autism quilt with Pieces of Hope by Riley Blake

  62. I usually like bright green, but I’m really in love with orange right now. It’s in every new collection, and I love that it is so bright and cheery.

  63. I love your fabric line….so fresh & colorful! My favorite color is orange also….all shades of it. Now I am knee deep in halloween and fall colors – orange you happy you asked?

  64. I love color, period! If I have to pick a favorite, it would be purple. And grey. Any and all shades, and some in between. In fact greyish purples are the bomb!

  65. My favorite color is green. But I don’t seem to use it that often in quilting. I mostly wear it! In quilting, I really like aqua colors. All shades, faded, bright, gray-tones, green-tones….aqua!

  66. I have always loved red although I don’t have very much of it. I also like aqua very much and have started collecting more. Thank you for the giveaway. Your fabric line is just wonderful, so colorful, just the colors I like for my quilts.

  67. It always come back to blue as my favorite color. There is so much variety. Blue is very calm and soothing to me. Much of my wardrobe is blue, and so are the things I make.

  68. my fav color is blue – pretty much any shade! at the moment i’m in love with the teal-blue look. Can’t wait to have some time to make this quilt – such a fun pattern!

  69. I love purples, lavenders, and blues, but also magenta and bright pink. Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to see a new designer and the pink you used is fun!

  70. I love the color TEAL because it is not quite blue and not quite green. It makes me think of a tropical ocean, clear and cool. It is beautiful when coordinated with other colors that are not quite red or not quite orange or not quite yellow.

  71. I love orange/yellow and purple, they just make me happy. I’m drawn to them. Next would be the rainbow colors – who isn’t happy when they see a rainbow.

  72. Right now I am in love with goldenrod and oranges and reds to go along with it. No idea why, but I currently love it. These rich colors are amazing!

  73. I love the colors you used in your version of the Moda Love pattern.
    It’s hard to choose one color, right now I’m liking all the bright jewell tone fabrics.
    Thanks for sharing.

  74. My favourite colour is green. To me, green is peaceful and serene. I have a green coat and I always feel good when I wear it.

  75. I love green because it is the color of life. Green leaves, green grass and green vegetable plants growing. Fall and winter are coming and I will miss green but I know it will return when new life awakens.

  76. My all time favorite color is red but right now I am really into deep purples like plum. I am not sure why I like them…color makes me happy! Thank you!

  77. Red, red, red. It’s always been my favorite color–I just love the pop. I love red shoes, red bags, red clothes, and definitely red fabric! I love your new fabric line!

  78. I never have had a favorite color, i like so many and all at different times. I love yellow and gray together. That makes me smile.

  79. I LOVE the color yellow! It just makes me feel good. i guess because it is the color associated with sunshine. Love your new line- keep them coming!

  80. My favourite colour is purple but I really love orange also. There isn’t a colour I don’t like except maybe brown – too much brown in the 70’s. I like brights and Best Day Ever is one of my very favourite collections.

  81. I love green. Green comes in so many shades. I was a floral designer and if you want the color of the flowers to pop…you use greens. It is the florist’s black.

  82. My favorite color is blue–like indigo, blue jeans, the ones Minick & Simpson use, and Edyta and the ones in your new line!! LOVE your version of the quilt.

  83. I really can’t pick a favorite color. When I see a fabric I really, really like I know I’ll be making something with it.

  84. I’ve always really loved cool soothing colours – like blue and green. But lately I’m in love with that purpl-ey blue colour you get with hydrangeas and jacarandas.

  85. Blue!!! Any and all shades and tones but especially a deep luscious navy. Thanks for the fun giveaways on blog hops. Love your first line, congrats!

  86. Wow, this is the first time I have visited your blog – and I LOVE it! I love your new line, “best day ever” coming out! The colors are wonderful! My favorite color is teal! Just love it! And p.s. I have twins – they are boys and they are 21 years old, and I just got a set of twin girl granddaughters! We love twins in our family!
    I will keep following your blog – I love it!

  87. My favorite color has always been red and probably because there are so many shades of red that make me happy! Love your Best Day Ever! It has lots of yummy colors!

  88. My favorite color is PINK! It has been ever since I was a little girl! I love it because it’s cheerful and happy, soft and sweet, bold and bright. And it goes well with every single other color IN THE WORLD! (it really does)

  89. My favorite color is also orange. Being born in October which is fall in the midwest, I’ve always loved the changing color of leaves. So many different colors of orange. Love to wear orange too.

  90. I love this jelly roll you are sharing! It makes me feel sooooooooo HAPPY!!! My favorite color changes all the time, but today it is ORANGE because it says FALL is here! YAY!

  91. I love raspberry. I’m also loving the combination of orange with raspberry. Aqua and lime are great too. I love the colors in your new line. Congratulations.

  92. I love pink. It’s soft, feminine and and reminds me of sweet baby girls! Of course, I like lots if colors. Have oranges in the kitchen, earth tone walls, browns in the living room and some red accents. Sew, I am sell over the place.
    Thank you…

  93. Ooooh, first I LOVE your new line of fabric. So sweet and cheery, it just makes me want to make something happy!

    I LOVE the color blue . . . mostly a subtle robin’s egg blue. So tranquil.

  94. Blue. Blue in almost incarnation. Lights. Darks. Cools. Warms. Why is blue the favorite? Not sure. but I always end up back at blue.

    did I say blue is the favorite? Blue is the top of the list.

  95. I just love the color green! The greens that appear in your Moda Love quilt are just perfect. Greens, when combined with yellows and oranges just sing happiness to me. It’s probably a throwback to my childhood during the 70s when green was everywhere. :)

  96. Red is my favorite color. It just makes me happy, and always has. I can’t remember a time when red wasn’t my favorite color…

  97. I love blue as it is my favorite color! If you saw my home there would be no doubt as I just can’t help myself! Love your new fabric line and I’m looking forward to finding it at my LQS! cheers, colette

  98. Aqua/Teal Makes me happy, and reminds me of the tranquility of the Ocean. Thanks for this fabulous Give Away!! I want to make the Quilt just like yours, it’s so happy looking!!

  99. My favorite color is a red with blue tones because I think it is classy and pleasing; and also because it’s been my favorite color since I was a kid.

  100. Red is my favorite color. Your fabric line is so cheerful and bright. Just like your personality I bet.

    Thanks for a chance.

  101. I love aqua and orange – they always make me feel bright and cheerful, but most of all I love colour combinations as they bounce off each other.

  102. Right now I am all about intense shades of teal green ~ from pales on up. I just got out of an all things Orange phase, lol.

  103. Hi April: I liked your Moda Lab video. I will definitely. It clip my threads when making a 9 patch anymore. I am into any kind of green—it’s the color of money!

  104. Well orange you nice! :D I’ve always loved the color orange, even when no one else did and you never saw it much in quilts. In the ‘old’ days you had quilters using *cheddar* colored fabric – no one wanted to say it was really just orange! Love your designs!

  105. It depends on the day or what I am using the color for but it could be blue or green or red or grey or….well you get the idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. I love, love the color green. Just about every shade of green. Greens with blue? Yep? Greens with yellow? Yep. I have green all over my house and throughout my wardrobe. And I have no idea why I love it so, but I do. And always have.

  107. I am in love with brights right now, especially red and aqua! I just received a layer cake and jelly roll of your “Best.Day.Ever” and can’t wait to cut into it. Just might have to make the gorgeous moda love quilt you featured!

  108. Green! each and every one! It is beautiful, and goes with everything, anything. Just take a look at nature! Green :)

  109. I love shades of Green! Signs of Spring & New Beginnings!

    Looove your Quilt!! Is bright & Happy!! Definitely all colors I Looooove too! :)

  110. It’s so difficult to just pick one favorite color! Love them all, but am really drawn to the corals just now.

  111. Currently my favorite color is green. It works with all the other colors. It’s like putting a piece of nature in your quilt.

  112. Oh my gosh, we must have been separated at birth because my favorite color EVER is Orange too :) And red is a close second. But I swear, when I enter a quilt store, I go directly to the orange section of the color wall every time…it doesn’t matter that I already have 3 times as many orange fabrics than any of the other colors in my stash :) LOL

  113. Green. I love it in any form. I love looking at the mountains where I live because they are so green all summer. Everything goes with green, just look outside and you’ll see that!

  114. Love the color blue. I have always collected small blue bowls. Every state or country I have visited I bought a blue bowl. I know weird huh! Anyway my blue obsession carried over to fabric. The fabric almost takes up as much room as my bowls do.

  115. I love a good, olivey green- so earthy and calming. If I need a pick me up I look for yellow. I am anxiously awaiting your line– so cheerful and fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  116. My favorite colour is pink. It reminds me to have fun and enjoy life. So glad you are participating in this blog hope as your work is new to me but I love its freshness. Thanks for adding to my day.

  117. I don’t really know what my fav color is. I guess I would say yellow and blue for sunny days and blue skies. Your Moda quilt is beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win.

  118. I love the color yellow. Always have. I drove a 1973 yellow Super Beetle. LOVED it. I had a plastic yellow purse, and my first quilt was yellow, blue and white. My sewing room is decorated in yellow and aqua.

    Sigh. I just can’t wear it!

  119. I love blues and greens. They have always made me happy! I think because they are the color of the water, sky, and the trees.

  120. My favorite color is hot pink…it goes with green, yellow, aqua, brown, etc. etc…thank you for the opportunity to win…and I printed the pattern! Thanks for that!

  121. my favorite color in the whole wide world is YELLOW – any shade from lemon to butter to gold – it is the color of sunshine and it just makes me happy happy happy!

  122. Last winter I loved anything gray, especially to wear but in quilting I love and have to use a little bit of ORANGE in every quilt!

  123. My favourite colour is green and especially the green in your fabric line. Love the brights all together! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of them!

  124. I love greens and light blues (and lavender- so pretty much just cool colours). I guess they just remind me of the peaceful side of nature.

  125. I love all colors — their shades and values that spread beauty over all our earth. If I have to name one — it would be green. After a long, cold winter, it is the first sign of Spring.

  126. I must love fushia pink, as I have 1/2 dozen tops and sweaters in that color! It seems to find it’s way into many of my quilts as well. Beautiful job on your quilt btw.

  127. I love aqua…all hues of it. It is my current obsession, which is kind of funny to me, since my house is painted in earth tones. Go figure. :)

  128. Always blue of every shade. I also got hooked on orange…just bought some orange leather tennis shoes. They have pretty cutouts. Such a happy color!

  129. My most loved color is Yellow, because it’s bright and sunny, it is a happy color. I totally love your Fabric, The colors are bold and beautiful! Thanks so much for your generous giveaway! Hoping I win!

  130. I love your bright colors. The bright pink is probably my favorite. It lifts my spirit. I wear a lot of hot pink in the summer.

  131. I love the color pink. I love it more now than ever since i have 2 little girls! I can’t nwait to make this quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  132. I love so many colors. But if i have to chose one over all the others, I’ll always return back to RED. It’s powerful, sensual, playful, bold, has depth and many beautiful shades.

    I love the Quilt!

  133. I love purple, pretty much all shades and tones, I flirt with other colors but always come back to purple. Your new line is gorgeous, so cheerful.

  134. Hi, April –
    I don’t really have a favourite colour, but I have found that I have more red and more green fabrics in my stash than any others. Red really is a neutral for me. What I do like is bright, clear colours rather than faded or dusty colours. So your fabric line has a great appeal for me. I love the name of the line, too.


  135. Your fabric line looks so bright and cheerful! I, too, am loving orange and gray. It’s my favorite color combo right now. Thanks for a fun blog hop!

  136. I love yellow! It’s bright, cheery, and impossible to not smile when you’re looking at something yellow. And I’m really excited you included some great yellow options in your fabric — there are not enough!!!

  137. I love the color red! Do we have to pick just one? I love that you named your fabric collection Best Day Ever and can’t wait for the applique pattern – thanks!

  138. I love red! Red can be bright, happy and cheerful, it can be warm and welcoming, it can be rich and elegant. It has so many characteristics, depending on the shade. I love your fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. Love the pinks and the oranges…orange is sometimes such an overlooked color and yours are soft and inviting! love them! Can’t wait to make something bright and cheery this winter when it is gray and gloomy…

  140. I LOVE Orange! I guess this love comes from Halloween being my favorite holiday! Love Best Day Ever! Have to make something out of it for my grandsons who always sing that song to me (from Spongebob). LOVE IT!

  141. BLUE! It always has been, and probably always will be, my favorite color. Not the light blue or sky blue or baby blue–no, the darker, moodier blues. I don’t know why; perhaps it reflects my inner tendency towards restlessness. Kind of like a stormy sky…

  142. I don’t know if I can pinpoint one favorite color because I love all colors…muted, bright, pastels you name it but if I have to go on the color wheel and say one color it has to be red and all variations from there. its a Happy color but it can be a dramatic color too….

  143. For the most part my favorite color family is shades of red. However, that being said – o any given day my favorite color is whatever color I am working with that day.

  144. Your version of the layer cake quilt is beautiful. I love three colors right now, Apple green, aqua, and of course red.

  145. My favorite color is purple because there are seemingly infinite variations in the color. I suppose that is true with most colors, but purple really speaks to me!

  146. I love orange and pink together….my garden is full of those colors, but have never used them in a quilt. I don’t know what decor such a quilt would fit in.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  147. I love Acid Green and Turquoise! To me they are bright, lively, and they are the accent colors in my all white quilting studio :)

  148. I love, love, red & have to force myself to buy other colors of fabric & clothing. I think I have red in every room in my house & my husband just painted a chandelier red & hung it in my sewing room. Red was my mother’s favorite color & I guess it rubbed off on me.

  149. My favorite color is YELLOW. To me it represents everything “happy” and “cheerful”. My bedroom/sewing space is even yellow.

  150. Love your Mod Love quilt! Can’t wait to see your first line “Best Day Ever”….the thing that helps make my days great is fabric….patterns….and friends who enjoy the same. I love my hubby and my six kids who put up with my love of fabric and sewing. Best wishes with your new adventure with Moda. I love Moda.

  151. My favorite color is navy. Followed closely by pink. But my mom is in your camp … Orange all the way! I like your bright, happy version if the quilt.

  152. I am so excited to see orange and pink in your new line. My granddaughter wants a quilt with orange and pink and I have had a hard time finding cute orange fabrics. Best wishes for your new line.

  153. Green is my favorite color. It is so calming to me, love fabrics in many shades and blends of green, and it compliments me with my skin tone and my green eyes! Love your new fabric line as I do enjoy using brighter colors with my greens!

  154. My favorite color is red…hands down. All shades of red from light pinkish red to dark maroons. I also have a thing for aqua right now but red will always be favorite!

  155. Green has been my favorite for years. Lime green is my neutral of choice but I have been thinking of rotating in orange too.

  156. I was at the ocean last weekend and was so thankful to see all the BLUE! Beautiful color : ) Your new fabric line is delightful!

  157. I love the color red because it is the least boring of all colors. And I also love blue and green and purple and pink and yellow and orange. And pretty much just allllll colors.

  158. Purple. I’ve always loved purple… even after my best friend told me purple was a “Boy’s color” when we were 4.

  159. Can anyone really pick just one color? I’ve always been drawn to jewel tones especially hues of blues. I also enjoying grays and yellows which were not colors I ever thought would be in any of my quilts!

  160. There’s something about navy that I just love so much! Maybe it has something to do with uniforms like dress blues? I don’t know, it’s such a strong color!

  161. I love the color ORANGE. When I was a teenager, I used to think my mother was SO UNCOOL for loving it and voila…it slowly became MY favorite color! We lost my mother almost 8yrs ago, so the color has more meaning than ever.

  162. I love to wear orange… I could wear a different orange top every day of the week. I have lots of red in my house. Oh and turquoise, love that too!

  163. I love pink for clothes and red for quilting! They are both bright and cheery! LOVE your new fabric line and all the bright colors!

  164. ORANGE!! It is so bright and cheerful, it makes me smile!
    I just adore your fabric!! Talk about bright and cheerful!

  165. there is a certain shade of green – approaching neon – that if I see it in fabric, i need to buy it. don’t often use it in quilts but I do make bags and stuff from it!

  166. I really like your Moda LOVE quilt – fabrics and colours are fabulous. My favourite colour is red – the deep red not the tomato red. My favourite colour combination is orange red and hot pink. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  167. I love orange too!! Different shades of it, especially the orange on a pumpkin that is several different shades and is so clear and bright!! Not many people like orange, so I’m so happy to find someone else who does too!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  168. I’m currently smitten with orange. Can’t say why, but I’ve made two quilts now with orange in them, and they make me smile! Your new fabric with Moda is delightful!

  169. I love brights….mostly RED. I also love flower gardening and some of my favorite blooms are red, too.Love your new fabric and its colors!

  170. love purple. I always seem to be drawn to quilts that have purple in them yet love the colors in your moda rool
    Eileen h

  171. love purple. I always seem to be drawn to quilts that have purple in them yet love the colors in your moda roll
    Eileen h

  172. I love red. It’s bright, bold and makes a power statement. and, I can’t wait for Best.Day.Ever! hoping to get me some as soon as I can.

  173. My first love is deep, rich, royal purple. I can’t remember any other color surpassing it. However, true, saturated orange is a very close second because it is so striking with purple. Also, nobody will EVER convince me beige, in any iteration, is a color. Go loud or go home! : )
    Thanks! Notwendy gmail

  174. It’s easier for me to say what color I DON’T love – brown. Purple is probably my favorite, yellow a close second. I would love to play with that jelly roll. Thanks for the chance to win!

  175. For most of my life I disliked the color orange, and now it’s my favorite! It’s just so warm and radiant and full of energy – I cant help but feel happy whenever I see it! Tnanks for the giveaway!

  176. My favorite color is RED!!! It looks good in sew many settings, I use it all over my house and in my quilts. Love seeing your layer cake example of the quilt. I’m leaning towards making the free pattern with a layer cake.

  177. I don’t have a favorite, I love so many of them. Favorite category for colors is fall colors: greens, golds, oranges, scarlet, brown, cream.

  178. Agree – LOVE Moda – and what a terrific community of designers! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of this new fabric, April! Stocking up now — it’s supposed to be another cold winter, SEW what better thing to do — stay in and sew! :-)

  179. My favorite color is blue, probably because it is flattering on me, I have blue eyes and the sky is blue. Your fabrics are inspiring.

  180. I love all vivid colors especially blue like the sky. I currently love vivid colors that have the relief of white around then so the color can really shine! Love your fabrics!

  181. Wow, this is a hard one. I like teals, bleus, purples. I recently bought some fabric whose color scheme was pink, yellow & brown. Very beautiful together.

  182. Yellow! Ever since I was a wee babe I’ve loved the color yellow. I think it’s because it’s such a happy color.

  183. There’s no way I can pick one color because hot pink would be jealous of turquoise and vice versa. Love them both equally.

  184. My favorite color in quilts is raspberry. Ever since I had a daughter, I’ve quilted with different pinks. I like how raspberry looks good with orange or turquoise or green, etc.

  185. I love green! But really my favorite color changes just as my favorite piece of chocolate from a candy box changes. Sometimes I want a caramel, another time a nut cluster, or a Lemon cream. Thanks for asking.

  186. I love a combination of earth tones for my home decor. Your jelly roll is a rainbow! When I was a pre teen, I doodled a lot of rainbows!

  187. Difficult to pick just one but think it would be red first but to be honest I love all colours! Thanks for the chance.

  188. I like yellow because it reminds me of sunshine and makes me smile, so therefore all you fabric reminds me of sunshine and not only makes me happy and smile but also the people I make a quilt for out of the fabric!

  189. I love blue of all shades! Its so pretty and you can deepen to go more boyish or make it more of a aqua and it can look super girly or you can put those shades together and make something pretty amazing too! Like I said I like blue ;)

  190. I used to love the color blue but since becoming a quilter, I love all colors. One color is just boring without one or several other colors to play with. And I love your version of the MODA Love Quilt!

  191. I love your fabric line, such gorgeous, bright colours. My favourite colour is probably blue – in all its forms. I don’t know why, I just tend to favour blue. There is no colour I’ve seen yet though that I don’t like.

  192. Green. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s because my eyes are hazel. Or because growing up the 70s there was a lot of it in my parents’ house. Or because I love the outdoors and it’s the color of grass and leaves.

  193. of course it depends on the time of year what color I like most. I like fall colors right now and soon it will be the Christmas colors. Thanks.

  194. My favorite color for clothing is pink because it looks best on me…my favorite color for decorating is blue because it never goes out of style. You cannot really define a decade of decorating by the color blue…timeless.

  195. My favorite color is teal. There are many different shades & I love them all. It was my wedding color 31 years ago. Back then, it was not a popular color & my mom & I had to hunt for everything. My grandmother even made my bridesmaid dresses because we could find teal fabric but no teal dresses. Lucky for me, now everything comes in teal!

  196. My favorite changes once in a while but I always come back to the original one I’ve had since I was a kid-blue..the color of the ocean and the sky! Thanks for asking!

  197. My favorite color is green, but for quilting I think it must be red as that seems to be the most predominant color in my quilts.

  198. I love rich, saturated colors: dark reds and pinks, oranges, greens, blues. I go through spells when certain colors speak to me more than others- I think it depends on the pattern as well. Your fabrics look awesome!

  199. Pink was always my favorite color but for the past few months I’ve been crazy about orange. This, after a lifetime of declaring how much I detested orange. I am deeply afraid that I’ve just followed a trend. But I can’t help it. I love orange these days. Orange with navy, orange with pink, orange & plum & gray. So there you go.

  200. My all-time favorite color is fuchsia, but lately I’ve really been into green! Love the quilt pattern; might finally cut into a layer cake I’ve been hoarding for years!

  201. I’ve been loving navy blue. It’s such a crisp color, yet neutral enough to use with most colors, maybe all! It adds just that perfect touch to a quilt. I would like to use navy blue as a background color on a quilt. cdahlgren at live dot com

  202. I love red! It’s great with white or black or aqua! Congrats on your first fabric line . . . I have a feeling you will have many more to follow . . . your colors are so fresh!

  203. April, you’re a girl after my own heart! I love anything with the name Prairie in it (if I have the extra money and like it, I’m certain to buy the “Prairie item.”) And my favorite–actually, my son and hubby’s favorite–color is ORANGE!!!! Orange is our favorite color because it was our son Ethan’s favorite color, and he passed away four years ago at the age of 7. We send up orange balloons to Heaven each year on his birthday. :)

    1. I love almost all colors under the right circumstances, but my real favorites are those toned nature colors — reminiscent of a foggy morning in a blooming flower garden.

  204. I am really into the color “Caribbean blue.” It is just a calming and very relaxing color. I have a quilt I made varying shades of oceans blues. It hangs on the wall in my dining room and just gives off a very serene vibe!!!!

  205. I love all colors. Seriously. I have a hard time just picking one. I go from brights to muted to dark. I get into trouble because I want all the fabric! :)

  206. I’ve always loved red, but for patchwork I really like grey-it goes with everything and gives a modern twist to old patterns :D

  207. Favorite Color?!! Ha! Traditionally, my fav is Red, but I’ve always loved Green, and lately I’m drawn to Orange (which I have NEVER been), and ALWAYS drawn to blues. Your line has them ALL. I could drown in the possibilities. :-)

  208. I’m so moody and fickle about color. I love so many! Green has always been a favorite. Blue and greens together are prefect. Oh, fall color combos…yeah that’s great too. Bright sunny summer colors…yep…..

  209. Yes mam I would love to win! My favorite color would have to be Green, followed very closely by pink, yellow, blue and Red.

  210. I love the color green. In the spring, I love seeing the grass and flowers and leaves emerge. Your fabric is really pretty!

  211. I love blue – almost every shade. It is so peaceful to me and reminds me of the ocean. Thanks for the fabulous pattern and the chance to win!

  212. Your fabric is so bright and cheery. Your version of the quilt is great. I am an orange lover too — it’s not often I hear people claim that as their favorite!

  213. I love the color(s) blue — it is so soothing and fresh, and there are so many varieties of blue. They all make me happy.

  214. Navy blue lately, it just looks so lovely, especially with flowers involved :) also orange because it’s so happy and bright!

  215. My favorite color is purple. I love the quilt shown. It is the next quilt I am going to make. Thank you for posting it….

  216. You want me to pick one? It depends on what I am using the fabric for. Pastels for babies, brights for toddlers and older children. But color…green to nurture. Blue to sooth. Red, or orange, to excite or celebrate. Yellow to brighten a mood.

  217. I am also a lover of all things orange. Especially in quilts paired with white, green, yellow, purple. I love your enthusiasm for what you do! Have a happy life!

  218. I LOVE your quilt! My color is PINK! I’ve been looking for a pattern that uses a single block as the whole quilt and here it is! I’m trying to picture how to make I would make this in shades of PINK. Thanks so much for the free pattern.

  219. BLUE any kinda Blue :) Thanks so very much April for that great tutorial. It gave me a new perspective on how to sew a 9 block. Also, I just wanted to let you know how very much I envy you for working at Moda. You look so happy & I’m sure everyone notices that.

  220. I love the vibrancy of the colours. Bright colours like that are what inspired me to start quilting! An orange as bright as the fruit, a yellow as warm and bright as the sun, reds as rich as strawberries and purples like amethysts. It’s like having a quilt of summer in a climate that is often dreary and wet.

  221. Orange is my favorite color too (also my favorite flavor)! It is so bright and happy. Pair it with a lime green/orange/cream print and I am in heaven!

  222. I love the bright colors. I think my favorite is orange and pink but blue and yellow are also a favorite. Great giveaway.

  223. I love Greens, especially the brighter lime greens. My local shop knows I love Greens, so let me know there’s new greens when I go in. I have a huge stash, broken down into varying shades. But I love orange, too. I have big stash of orange. I love this pattern for it’s bright Ness.

  224. I really like the teal and orange together. I know from decorators that burnt orange is the new color this fall. Don’t know what the color for teal is called this season but I really like it. Your blog is great. I have 5 1/2 year old identical twin granddaughters.

  225. Oh my gosh I love your designs and colors! The green is probably my favorite but they all go together so beautifully it’s hard to pick only one or two. Thanks for the quick piecing video, too. I’ve done chain piecing but never thought to do an entire block that way.

  226. Okay, I’m weird but between gray, chartreuse and an earthy blue, I’ve been making a lot of my favorite quilt patterns. The chartreuse just makes everything go Pop!

  227. I love so many colors but when I look at my fabrics I’ve collected more blues, teams and squad than anything else.

    Love this pattern and can’t wait to see it. Thank you!

  228. my favorite color is purple but i love all colors. it takes all shades of color to sew a wonderful quilt that will brighten someone’s life.

  229. My favorite color has always been blue. I think it is because it is so calming. I would have to say that green is beginning to creep into being a favorite also. I love your quilt, the colors just make it pop.

  230. I love the color blue. It reminds me of when I was kid laying in the grass in the summertime and looking up at the sky. Often we (my siblings), would make a game of “what that cloud looks like”. The color of the blue sky was ever changing like the hues of different blue fabric. I miss those summer days!

  231. My favorite color is pink at the moment! It’s probably because I’m pregnant with our first child, baby girl is due next month!

  232. I am an orange person also, my next favorite are red and white together. Thanks for the chance to win. As a mother of twins also I do not know how you did it.

  233. Okay, that is like handing me a box of assorted chocolates and asking me to pick my favorite. I love them all! Colors, love them all as well but, I guess for now I will say coral because 1. it looks really good on me, 2. when you are getting older you need something to brighten you up a bit, 3. I am noticing a pattern in my closet.
    By the way, I am in LOVE with your gorgeous Moda love layer cake quilt!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win your generous giveaway!

  234. I love blues rich real blues not on the turqoise or green side but true blues. TY for this give away and the beautiful pattern for a layer cake quilt that you designed and gave us to do – God bless,

  235. I have moved from low volume colours to bright colours in the last year, but my abiding love is burnt orange – deep and saturated colour.

  236. What a beautiful collection. And I love the pattern. The colors are all so great. I always tend to be drawn toward blues. I love the aqua color. It plays well with so many colors. Thanks for the chance to win,

  237. I Love PINK!!! Always have,always will!! To me pink is calming, it looks great on everyone, even on men when they wear pink shirts! Pink just brightens my world!!! Pink goes with every other color too. I love the fabric, so pretty!

  238. My favorite color is purple and it has been my favorite color since before 1960. At that time we didn’t have all the various shades of purple that we have now but I remember my Grandmother was making me a quilt and wanted to know what color backing I wanted and of course I said purple. She picked a lavender.

    My wedding in 1960 was also purple.

  239. I love RED!! When I was a kid (many years ago!) my favorite aunt had a red and white kitchen. It was a farm house and her appliances were white but there were red accents everywhere. She crocheted little pot holders in red and white, had red and white gingham checked aprons and she had red glasses and plates and I just loved it all! Even had a red and white gingham checked valance she’d made to go over the window over the kitchen sink. I have loved it ever since and now I have red and white everything all over my kitchen and the rest of my house truthfully. I even started collecting aprons. (I have over 800!)

  240. Love the quilt. Such happy colors. I’m always on the lookout for a new quilt to try for the Quikts of Valor that my group make..

  241. Teals/blues are my very favorite color. It doesn’t matter whether it is a candle, bath products or fabric, everything associated with this color makes me smile. It reminds me of sky, ocean, airy scents.

  242. I adore aqua and turquoise! I can’t explain why except it makes my heart sing when I see those colors. I am automatically drawn to any fabric in those colors. (Clothing too!)
    I have always loved turquoise jewelry since I was a young teen so I guess that love has carried on to adulthood.

  243. I love the color grey. The different tones and subtle variations lend a special effect and make the other colors of your quilts stand out

  244. If I had to pick a single shade it would be bright/dark cobalt blue, but if choosing many shades of a single color, I would have to go with green – celery, sage, olive, emerald, shamrock, hunter, teal, even electric lime, lol.

  245. I paint and I quilt. Color makes me so happy. It’s positive, hopeful, energizing. I am pulled into blues the most. I am amazed how others are so creative with colors. I love the movement and flow but also the starkness it can have. Congratulations on this collection, it is just beautiful.

  246. I have a September birthday and so my favorite color is BLUE – the color of sapphires and a clear fall sky. Thanks for the giveaway! Your colors are so bright and happy!

  247. My all time favorite color is red, all the shades but especially the old barn reds. I really like your new fabric line and will be looking for it, to make the pattern you gave us.

  248. I love blue. I love the shade of blue that is the color of the sky in Kansas when a high pressure system comes through. It is that deep, rich blue that just makes my heart sing. I call it my “God color”.

  249. Reds and pinks mean energy to me! I am at that time in my life where I feel like I can just be me and explore new things…and colors.

  250. Today I m sharing a tutorial called Moda Love from April Rosenthal.  I don t imagine that there are many quilters that haven t used Moda fabrics, and if you ve used them you love them.  April made the quilt with her at-that-time new fabric line called Best.Day.Ever!  That is just the best name for a fabric line.

  251. Hi April! I shared a link to your website and tutorial on my blog, and it seems like the pattern link no longer works. Do you have any idea where your fans can find the pattern? As I can see from all the comments, this has to be a big favorite of your fans! Thank you so much and all the best wishes. ~smile~ Roseanne

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