Longarm Machine Quilting

I’m not going to lie, I love machine quilting. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, and pretty darn addicting. It’s like the grown up version of drawing in the margins of my notebook during geometry.

I’ve been machine quilting my own quilts for 3 years on my Bernina, and finally last year made the leap to a longarm. I am pleased as punch to tell you that all the things I could do on my small machine, I can do on the longarm–only way, way better. And faster. And without getting shoulder cramps from stuffing a big quilt into a tiny space.

Prices start at .02 cents per square inch for allover quilting. Custom quilting ranges from .035-.06 cents a square inch.

To see quilts I have quilted, click here.

If you would like me to machine quilt your quilt, email me.

6 thoughts on “Longarm Machine Quilting

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  2. Hey, April! Love your quilts! I have so much fabric I want to make but the idea of quilting them made me put it off :) Now that I know you machine quilt, I’ll have to call you! It’s great to get to see what you’ve been up to since you were a Young Woman in the old ward.

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