It’s Thanks we are giving…

It’s Thanksgiving break here in the United States, and I think it’s simultaneously one of my favorite and least favorite weekends of the year. I know, go figure. But I think a lot of you will feel me on this.

Secret Sauce pattern from my shop.

Favorite? Yes! Because who doesn’t need more time to be thankful, more reflection on how to have gratitude and praise for so many blessings. I love that this holiday is a little more introspective and reflective than most. Plus food. And pie. Family recipes that come out of the vault once a year.  And family. My kids are home from school–which I actually love most of the time–the big kids are so much help with the little one…until they aren’t. (See next paragraph.)  I mean, it’s classic holiday nostalgia fest, right? So yes, there are many of my favorite things this weekend.

Pudding cookie recipe from Camille Roskelley. My waistline isn’t happy with this discovery.

Least Favorite? YES. Because SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. In case we haven’t ever met in real life, let me just put a virtual sticker on my forehead that says 100% INTROVERT. You guys, this kind of stuff EXHAUSTS me. And then I’m tired and cranky and socialed-out, and touched-out, and talked-out….and that’s like 3 days before the actual holiday. So then, I’m leaning hard on the caffeine because I’d like to not be the mean person at the table or fall asleep during the prayer…and then my mind is spinning about how bad soda is for me, and how I don’t need the extra sugar or pounds, and on and on and on. And the BICKERING.  And the 3 days of activities after the actual holiday because family is here that we only see once a year…well…yeah.

Do I ever actually send snaps? No. Do I kill my phone battery entertaining Miss Hazel? Absolutely.

My kids’ school does a play every year with the 3rd graders called Turkeys on Strike. I got to go watch this year because my niece was performing (L and B did it last year). It’s about how the turkeys go on strike and everyone freaks out and talks about how everything is ruined. In true Who-ville style, they all come around at the end and sing a song—

“It’s not about Turkey, it’s not about Thursday…and it’s not about playing ball. We call it Thanksgiving ’cause it’s THANKS we are GIVING. Now it’s time to thank one and all. Thanks to the trees for giving shade….thanks for the lemons for lemonade…”

My best catch and my most amazing creations. My favorite people in the whole wide world.

So. Thanksgiving. In my mind it’s always this Norman Rockwell-esque thing where there’s golden sunlight beaming through the windows and we are all smiling angelic smiles. And honestly, for the most part it really is mostly like that. Just a lot louder. And more mess. And more real. But I’m surrounded by my greatest blessings, and there’s nothing in the world I’m more thankful for than that.



PS That quilt up there? It’s my Secret Sauce quilt, made from my Mama’s Cottage fabrics for Moda. Mwa!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Thanks we are giving…

  1. Lovely stuff. Thanksgiving is the best. And it’s positively glorious to have everyone around in one place. I think you’re very brave to do it each year. Sorry about the bickering. Oh, wait–that wasn’t me. Guess I missed that. Haha. I love you.

  2. I love everything about this post. I also love how in your sidebar you have “Wish I Didn’t Have To Say It…” regarding copyright. Isn’t that that truth!

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