Home For Harvest (#110)

I just couldn’t get it out of my head. The idea of leaving home for a while, with the promise of being home to help with the harvest. Tough, burly dad cuffs you on the shoulder. Mom, teary-eyed, hugs you close, whispers in your ear, and hands you a quilt.
Just the right size for your bed, with a heart placed right where her heart is.
You’ll see them soon, but in the meantime–you’ve got this beautiful quilt to keep you warm.

2 thoughts on “Home For Harvest (#110)

    1. Hi Susie!
      I used a bunch of fabrics from my stash for the pattern cover. I don’t have many of them left, but I’ll see what I can remember. The rusty orange is an old Thimbleberries print. The navy was from Windham, the aqua is a Deb Strain for Moda print. I’m not sure on the yellow, the pink, or the purple. Hope that helps!

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