So. I have a black love seat. I don’t love it, but it does the job and is only a few years old. This week, it got a bit of cosmetic surgery, in a botched kind of way.

Yes, that’s a hole. Made by a 3-year-old. With a pair of mommy’s sewing scissors. I’m just glad no hair or digits were cut off.

I can’t really be mad about it, because I seem to recall my own indiscretion when I was about 15. It had to do with an iron and my mom’s new couch. Any guesses what happens when a hot iron is set down on a polyester couch for a few minutes?

An iron shaped hole, that’s what.

My mom? I think she was channeling a saint, because all she did was laugh and flip the couch cushion over. Her only comment? “Don’t tell Dad.” (I should really check with my mom and see if she has a picture of that.)  So, being mad about the hole is out, and karma is real.

The good news? My couch gets a makeover. The bad news? I have no idea how to do it. I need suggestions. Do I slipcover it? Reupholster it? If so, how do I do that? Help!

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6 thoughts on “Help!

  1. You could try to find a matching fabric and just redo that cushion – not too difficult, just unpick the cushion and use the old fabric as a template to cut the new piece out and then reattach it! You know my number if you need me to come and look at it! :)) Hope you come up with a solution quick!

  2. I suppose “just throw an awesome quilt over it” is only a temporary solution. Good Luck! I can totally see how that could happen at my own house . . . actual human hair (lf the kid variety) and stuffed animal hair have been scissor victims at my house! And, my kiddos (age 4 and 5) love to cute up (more like hack up) mommy’s fabric scraps as well. Again, GOOD LUCK solving your problem!

  3. Oh man – that sucks :) A couple years ago Mauryn cut a small hole in our slip cover that covers our old ugly couch! Still haven’t fixed that one……. Sorry, though!!! I think maybe a slipcover is the way to go since you are so darn busy as it is. It’ll be fun to see what you decide to do :)

  4. One other thought — do those cushions come off? If so you could pull the two end ones off and switch sides which would flip the front to the back for now (is that clear as mud?). Basically just flipping the damaged cushion backwards and putting it on the other side and same with the other end.

  5. You could get matching fabric and replace just the portion of the cushion by removing the panel and using it as a pattern. You could remove the back cushions and replace them with large pillows and have a pillow back sofa, maybe bring in some colors that will help you love it more.
    Kate in Colorado

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