He Zigs She Zags Public Service Announcement

I’ve recently reprinted my He Zigs She Zags pattern with some updates and corrections. If you are a shop that has a current stock of this pattern and would like replacement “insides” sent to you, please email me your shop name and mailing address along with a picture of the quantity you have on hand. If you have purchased a copy of this pattern for yourself and would like a pdf of the new version emailed to you, please email me a picture of you holding your pattern, and I will send you a pdf of the corrected version.

My email address is april @ prairiegrasspatterns.com

Thanks so much for your support and understanding!



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5 thoughts on “He Zigs She Zags Public Service Announcement

  1. At a quilt retreat this weekend trying to put this quilt together and having many problems. I purchased this pattern within the last year and very dissapointed at how incorrect this pattern is. I purchased a jelly roll and will not have enough fabric to finish this quilt. What a waste of fabric and time. I my opinion incorrect patters should be recalled or send retailers updates to add to the patterns when it is purchased. I work and do not have the luxury to research every pattern online for corrections that I plan on making. Since you have been aware of this since 2011 I hope you have improved your pattern proofing.

    Linda Read

  2. Hi Amy,
    Just got this pattern. I have my jelly roll all layed out and just don’t quite know how to start. I emailed you with my concerns.

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