Grand Opening Giveaway: Bliss, Fandango, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Life’s A Hoot

I thought that would get your attention.

In honor of my huge Grand Opening this past weekend, of course there needs to be a HUGE giveaway! Four (yes, FOUR) lucky winners will be randomly chosen to receive ONE of the following prizes:

Bliss Fat Quarter Stack

Fandango Layer Cake

Life’s A Hoot Stack Pack (10″ squares)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Charm Pack

Do you want to win? Of course you do! And it’s really, really, easy.

Just visit my shop and come back and tell me which of the patterns there is your favorite. Then, tell me what kind of quilt you would love to see a pattern for. Do you wish there were more Queen sized patterns? More throws? More patterns that are super girly? More “small” home decor projects? Tell me, tell me!

Giveaway ends Monday, October 11th at 10pm, MST. Winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

I hope you win!


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66 thoughts on “Grand Opening Giveaway: Bliss, Fandango, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Life’s A Hoot

  1. I am in love with Grammy’s Scrap Basket. this is the pattern I am going to get for my nursery. I really like the smaller quilts like crib size and the throw size. I would love to see more boy patterns. I don’t see many out there. Oh and I want an easy table runner that you can mix up the fabric and make one for the different seasons or holidays. ;)

    1. Funny you should mention a rotatable table runner….
      And also, that’s what I like abou most of these patterns, they work for a boy or a girl. :)

  2. Definitely prep school knockout! I just love that one!!! I would also love to see something for holidays, whether it is a throw or a table runner — that would be fun!! I would like to see some baby size and queen size also! You are awesome!!!

  3. I love Grammy’s Scrap Basket and it is only partly due to the fact that my grandkids call me “Grammie.” The pattern is perfect-not too fussy, but not boring either. I like the other comment on table runners. That would be really fun and they are a manageable project for those of us with time management issues….

    1. I’m excited to do a “boy” version of Grammy’s Scrap Basket…I haven’t tried one yet, even though the “boy” shapes are included in the pattern too. I’ll let you know how it goes ;) As for table runners, I have a few up my sleeve.

  4. I love Love Love the Prep School Knockout so much that I ordered it! I could always use more baby quilt patterns. They’re great for gifts! Thanks Again April! You’re AMAZING!!!

  5. I can’t decide between Dancing int eh Wind and Prep School knock out. These patterns make me want to try my hand at quilting again. I would love to see more small decor items; things that are a bit smaller will make it easier to try out new things without getting totally overwhelmed. Love all of the patterns.

    1. That’s a great suggestion, about doing patterns that won’t get people up to their eyeballs in overwhelmed. :) Thanks! I’ll be thinking up some smaller projects soon, don’t you worry…and maybe some “beginner” tutorials.

  6. I love He Zigs She Zags. So fun!! I would love to see some smaller baby quilt, deco size. Less intimidating for me. Such great stuff!!

    1. Don’t tell anyone, but I think that’s my favorite, too. And I think I’m seeing a trend here, people need smaller projects. Got it!

  7. I adore “He Zigs She Zags. That one looks so fun.

    I need to start small–so I’m waiting for a simple wall hanging or table runner. Love the idea of a Christmas something or other too. Your patterns are beautiful!

  8. I LOVE the grammy’s scrap basket pattern. I’ve never made a quilt before but I think I could do a baby one. I love that you can put a name on it too! I would love to see one with flowers or butterflies if that’s possible. My little girl would love butterflies :)
    Your site looks awesome!!!!! Good job!

    1. You’re sweet. So great that you mentioned butterflies, that’s actually the other “girl” shape included in the applique template. :)

  9. How could I not love every single pattern on there. Seriously. I think the Dancing in the Wind is so great! I love pinwheels and I love how the name matches the pattern so well. I’ve never made a quilt myself, but I love using the ones I have. I like the ones that are bigger enough to share a seat with someone at a parade or picnic! ;) I love the holidays too, so it would be fun to see what you come up with for that! :D

    1. Just to be clear, how big do you consider a lap size? Are lap size and throw the same to you? I’ve heard a lot of opinions on this, just curious what yours is. :)

    1. Hmmm. I’m feeling a “Beginner’s Series” in the works…AND, most of these quilts will work just peachy with some boy fabric. Even the patterns with applique have alternate shapes that are “boy friendly”.

  10. I like #101. I would like to see basic tutorials on quilt making… for the beginner. i.e, when I go to the store, how much fabric do i need for a twin, queen, etc. Front and back! how do i calculate it1?1 what is the best filling / batting? what do I need to know before i go to the store.

    I hope i win!!!!

  11. First off, great patterns and congratulations on the grand opening!

    Dancing in the Wind and Prep School Knockout are my favorites. I would end up taking Prep School Knockout because one could fit that pattern in just about any room. It has a great feel to it.

    As far as what other patterns I’d like to see, you should try a completely organic pattern (i.e. no straight lines.) Combine the organic idea with a wide variety of colors and it could be amazing.

    Keep it up!

    1. Alright Bruce, I’ll take you up on that. Although, does that mean it has to be a round quilt, too? Or can it be square, and just the “Design” in the middle be organic?

      Also, I was thinking you might really like a Batman quilt. Not sure how everyone else would like it, but for some strange reason, I’m thinking YOU might.

      Just a random thought.

  12. Okay, April! This is a cool giveaway and I am so excited. I have to say that i love all the patterns and as I am a quilt lover it is too hard to chose. They are all beautiful! I would like a nice queen size in an easy pattern. I am not sure of all of the names but I have always loved the wedding ring quilt…is their a twist you could make on that one? I would love to see an easy to make pattern of that.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE your patterns! I think my favorite is the dancing in the wind- I love pinwheels. :) Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these. i love twin/small twin sizes. they’re perfect for cuddling up with but not too overwhelming to make.

    1. Lucky you! 3 of the 6 fall patterns are twin size! I didn’t realize I had so many, but I guess it’s because I’ve been trying to find bedding for my kids that is match-y, but still works for both boys and girls…hence, the plethora of “neutral” twin size patterns.

  14. Dancing in the wind would be my first choice and since Im new to sewing small simple profects would be the project for me. Thanks

  15. You have so many beautiful patterns. My favourite is “Dancing in the wind”, it is so pretty and girly. I have made a quilt for each of my three girls for their beds and have recently started making a few throw quilts. So I guess, I would love to see more patterns of this size or multi sized.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. Best wishes with your grand opening.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I am hoping to make quilts for each of my toddlers (twins!) when they upgrade to a twin bed. I think that’s why I have so many twin sized patterns this go around, I was auditioning patterns!

  16. I am new to quilting and enjoy patterns like your Grammy’s scrap basket and little landerns. i look for more simple patterns whithout alot of empty space as i am learning how to quilt the whole piece together. With the spaces you can see the quilting. I would also like the multi size patterns. Thank you very much for your patterns.

    1. Judith–I would love to see the quilting method you’re talking about. I’ve heard of it, but never seen it in action. You’ll have to post pictures, and let me know!

  17. Grammy’s scrap basket is my favorite! Your shop looks great ~ congrats on your store opening!! I’ve been on the lookout for a pattern for a king-sized quilt ~ a simple repeat pattern that looks complicated. THANKS for the chance at a generous giveaway!!

    1. You are AMBITIOUS! Most people are quite scared of Queen and King sized quilts. You’ll be excited to know, though, that I’m planning on calculating size options for some of my patterns, so that you can make a King size instead of the twin. Look for those just after the patterns start shipping.

  18. LOVE the He Zigs She Zags pattern!!! Congratulations on your grand opening! I’d love to see some queen – king sized quilt patterns, and some more manly quilt patterns too! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. I agree, there definitely needs to be more “Manly” quilts out there. I’m interested though, in what makes a quilt more masculine? Aside from color, and avoiding obviously feminine things (flowers, hearts…), what else would make it more guy-friendly?

      1. Like you said, the fabric obviously matters – both the deisng and colour of it. But I think another big part of it is also the design of the quilt. From a more personal experience, my boyfriend is more drawn towards a design that is more geometric. He likes modern interpretations of some of the more traditional patterns and he does not like random, haha. He’s also very much into pixelated designs (I’m working on a Zelda quilt for him at the moment). I hope this helps you with expanding your already beautiful line up of quilt patterns! =)

  19. My wife loves the “He Zigs She Zags”. I would like to see more one day projects or quilts that can be put together in a few hours.

  20. Wow! What an amazing giveaway!! I really like the Grammy’s scrap basket pattern…but there’s just ‘something’ about the Dancing in the Wind pattern that makes it my favorite! All of them are great patterns. I’m a beginner quilter, so right now I’m looking for ‘simple’. :) And small projects are nice too, because they don’t require as much fabric (which can get expensive). Home decor stuff is always great, and I love scrappy quilts! :)

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!
    ~Teresa ;)

  21. I like the one with pinwheels and the argyle one. I like to work on throw size quilts-small enough to be manageable but large enough to be functional. Congrats on the grand opening!

    1. You know what I like best about throw quilts? I can quilt them myself instead of having to find someone with a longarm. It’s so satisfying to do the whole thing, start to finish!

    1. I actually made 5/6 of the quilts in my fall 2010 lineup with precuts. So, you could choose most of them and be home free! :) The only one that took more yardage than a pre-cut could provide was the Scrap Basket {remix}. The others, all precuts! (Though, Little Lanterns would take (2)2½” strip rolls). Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Awesome give away! :)

    I really like the dancing in the wind quilting pattern – I have lots of scraps and finding out new ways to use them would be great.

  23. This is really tough, I love all of them!!! I especially love the Prep School Knockout and Scrap Basket Remix. I just wish the patterns came with more size variations – like if each pattern came with a breakdown for making it in a throw size, twin size, and queen size, that would be so awesome. And I echo the idea about making a more simple wedding ring styled quilt, that’s one I’ve never tackled but always wanted to. Lovely patterns and awesome giveaway!!

  24. I loooooooove the Argyle pattern! I love anything argyle, though. :D

    I’m actually going to do two matching single sized quilts (for our queen sized bed) since then hubby and I won’t be stealing the blankets all night long. Maybe two coordinating but not matchy-matchy ones, then? :)

  25. I totally love the argyle pattern too. I would love it if your patterns came more scalable, with instructions on scaling the quilts to different sizes, like lap, twin and queen. That would be SO awesome! Beautiful patterns, all of them, and a great giveaway!

  26. Love Prep School Knockout and would like to see more small projects. I’m new to sewing and need little things to keep me going! ;)

  27. I love the he zigs she zags quilt pattern. It is so cute!!! I would love to see patterns for small baby quilts. they are always my favorite to put together as they go quick :)

  28. I absolutely LOVE “He Zigs, She Zags”. The name is adorable, the pattern fantastic, and those are MY colors! I would love to see more small home dec. patterns.

    Thanks for the chance to win some of that yummy fabric!


  29. I love them all but Grammy’s scrap basket is my absolute favorite! I’ve actually been looking for patterns for holiday wall hangings. I love them, but haven’t been able to find a pattern that i’m in love with enough to make for myself. Being a new quilter and not having a lot of space I need cute little things for my walls.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with everyone!

  30. Congratulations on your new shop! I love your style and your website looks great! My favorites are little lanterns and he zigs, she zags! They both look great to work with and I think they are a great size to sew fast! I usually work with queen size but I am looking forward to quilting twin size to have more for my family to curl up with!! Keep doin what you’re doin! You’re awesome!

  31. I love the prep school knockout pattern. I love that you could make it look as traditional or trendy as you want. I would love to see some toddler/crib size quilts….or even just some patterns for younger rooms!

  32. It’s hard to pick just one because all of them have such potential… but Scrapbasket Remix stood out to me the first time I looked at your shop. Something I’d like to see is a work lap blanket of sorts. it’s always freezing cold in half of our building–the meeting room and breakroom are the worst!–so it would be nice to have something that could not be too weird to bring in there if needed. Is that weird? Oh well, it’s what came to mind.

  33. Making a quilt is something I have always wanted to do. I love the pin wheels pattern. I would like see tutorials for beginners. I would also like to see more for boys rooms. Website looks great!!

  34. I love the dancing in the wind pattern!
    At the moment I’m really into lap quilts and i love scrappy patterns that use loads of different fabrics!

  35. I love, love, love the He ziss, she zags. I would like to see simple patterns. I have not done much quilting so this is daunting but I al willing ot try.

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