Global Style Fabric Bundle – This week’s giveaway!


Is your style Global Eclectic? Are you inspired by exotic locations, new-to-you foods, bold colors, and brash prints? Do you love to decorate with the trinkets you have collected through your travels? Are you excited to incorporate many cultures into your surroundings?


In my new book, Bedroom Style, Perfectly pieced, Global Eclectic is one of five styles we’ll explore together! I’m going to walk you through how to figure out if this style is for you, what to do if you share a room with someone with drastically different tastes, and how to take your love or the globe and translate it into a color palette and decor that perfectly reflects that love. Finally, I’m going to talk to you all about how to choose and mix fabrics to make a showstopper of a quilt for your master bed.


I chose an eclectic and GORGEOUS grouping of batiks and sophisticated metallic prints from Moda’s upcoming Aurora Batiks and Chandelier Metallics collections for one of you lucky ducks to win. They just came in the mail this week, and BOY is this version of World Traveller going to be a knockout. Seriously. I’ve never been tempted by batiks in my life, and now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to keep this bundle. My World Traveller quilt is deceptively simple, and will draw the attention of anyone who has the privilege of hanging out in your room.

Not only can you win this bundle to make World Traveller this week, but your entry also makes you eligible to win a $1000 bedroom makeover, compliments of my publisher, Lucky Spool Media! Look at the awesome room you could put together with some of the super fun things at Crate and Barrel!


Be sure and get your entry in before this Saturday, February 7th at 12:00 CST to be eligible to win this beautiful Global Eclectic quilt kit–AND the $1000 Crate & Barrel Bedroom Makeover! Still need a copy of Bedroom Style? You can order it on Amazon, or snag a signed copy from my shop! (PS The books in my shop are still on preorder, I should have them early next week…so if you want to get in on this giveaway, you’ll need to order elsewhere.)

Safe Travels!



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6 thoughts on “Global Style Fabric Bundle – This week’s giveaway!

  1. WOW! Gorgeous colors!! I love the off-center arrangements of the blocks. It’s my first time on your blog and I read through previous posts about your book with different styles. All of them grand, especially the Farmhouse. Thanks for the chance to win in the giveaway.

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