Free Halloween Printable Bunting & Gift Tags

My gift to you this anniversary week? (Besides the giveaways, of course) Free printables!

I scoured and searched to find a Halloween banner that was me, you know? But I just struck out all over the place. So I thought, hey! How’s about I make my own!


Of course, I thought it was way too fun not to share, so here it is for you too.

Halloween Printable Bunting Banner

Just right click and choose save. (You’ll need to download the newest Adobe Reader if you don’t have it already. Don’t worry, it’s free.)

Open it on up, print, cut out, attach to string, and VOILA!

Something to hang in front of the TV that will drive your family crazy. (Kind of like the fingerprints all over the TV. Could you ignore those? I have 2 3-year-olds, yo.)


Also, there are these fun matching gift labels that I designed for my mom’s blog, Gracious Rain, a couple years back. They’re even fillable, so you can put your own name on them! I printed these on standard 30-to-a-sheet labels, but you could put them on regular cardstock and just cut them out, too.

I printed my banner on matte photo paper, using the “photo” setting on my printer, if you wanna know.



PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

PPS Day 5 of Quilt Uber-fest is over at Mrs. Schmenkman’s Quilts. Don’t miss it! (And if you’re following along, remember to upload pictures of your blocks to the Flickr group. We’d love to see them!)

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20 thoughts on “Free Halloween Printable Bunting & Gift Tags

  1. I love Halloween. Must get to decorating and making yummy treats. Maybe with labels the treats will actually make it out of the house to other people… No guarantees.

  2. We don’t really do Halloween here in Australia (some people do a bit, mostly the shops though). I did it one year as a child though when we had a US exchange family visiting. It was to help them feel less home sick, we dressed up and played games and bobbed for apples and then in the evening we trick or treated some friends houses in the neighbourhood. It was a lot of fun.

    1. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post something fun for Christmas–I know you guys celebrate that one. ;) But hey, have a treat for me on the 31st of October!

    1. Thanks! I love the design side, but have a harder time with the actual partying ;) I’d much rather hang out with a couple people than a huge group, you know?

  3. I love this! and I would love itmore if you would just make it for me too. Why don’t you just make a whole bunch of stuff for me and i will pretend I did it :) You are a great friend April. I enjoy your blog so much and your quiltyness is brillant!

  4. so cute – I know I won’t get around to this by halloween (how are all you bloggers so on top of this stuff???)…but I think I might try a Christmas version.

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