Farmer’s Wife: Playing catch-up

I’ve been a slacker of epic proportions on this whole Farmer’s Wife thing. I am trying to get them all cut out, so I can just sew them up quickly, each week. For now, here are my weeks 9 & 10 blocks! (I’m only like 10 weeks behind, darnit!)

#17 Cats and Mice: This one turned out a little softer and more “pastel” than I expected, but I really like it.

#20 Churn Dash: I spent way too much time on this block, making sure that the stripes and the diamonds all went the way I wanted them to. I’m sure I’m just weird, but it drives me crazy when the pattern of the fabric isn’t all the same direction in a block. I love how it turned out though, especially because it doesn’t really look like a churn dash at first glance. Those stripes steal the show!

#21 Contrary Wife: This one is really nicely balanced, I think.  Plus, how can you not love orange and aqua together. I mean really.

#19 Checkerboard: Again with the “I’m insane and spent way to long making all the background print go the same direction”, but it pays off. I LOVE this block. The contrast is there, the direction is there, and best of all the navy blue sets off the rest of those bright colors perfectly.

And here are these four, together.

Besides the Farmer’s Wife blocks, my laundry could use a little attention today, along with some vacuuming. What do you need to catch up on today?

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3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife: Playing catch-up

  1. Fun blocks, April! I need to catch up on everything, lol! I have quilts to make and patterns to write…oh, yeah, and some market sewing coming tomorrow! (And I didn’t even mention the mid-term and final exams I have to write today…and don’t even get me started on housework/yardwork to do’s)!

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