Elizabeth Hartman’s Perfect Zip Bags (or What I Made the Craft Night Girls for Christmas)

Sometimes I get a little carried away.

Or a lot carried away.

Sometimes, I start a project thinking it will be no big deal. That it will only take an hour to make 14 million zip pouches.

In the middle of this project, I asked the Mister why it was that I start huge projects and don’t realize how huge they are until I am in the middle of them. He just smiled, because I always do this, and he always warns me.

The conversation went something (exactly) like this:

Me: “Am I just really dense or something? Do I just live in a complete fantasy land? Am I just really full of myself and think I can do super human things? What is my problem??”

Him: “No, not any of those things. Really, I just think you have no concept of space and time.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

And now (much to his dismay) I can’t stop quoting him. Not because his assessment is particularly flattering to me. But because it is so, SO true.

When I get a creative idea, it is so large and full of newness and excitement for me that I tend to overlook critical factors.

Like, hypothetically, if the longarm machine will actually fit in our house.

Or like if there are actually enough hours between now and the craft night before Christmas to make fourteen zip pouches and still have time to sleep and eat. (Let alone enjoy the holiday with my kids.)

Turns out, the answer was Yes, just barely to the longarm question, and yes, just barely to the pouch question too.

Someday I would like to say that I have a better concept of space and time. But until then, I’ll be very, very grateful for patterns like this one, that go together in a snap and have perfect instructions for the novice and expert alike.

And believe me, if there had a been a problem, I would know. I made fourteen in the space of about 36 hours.

Thanks for the great pattern, Elizabeth. You saved my tail feathers.

If you’d like to make a pouch or two (or fourteen), you can find Elizabeth Hartman’s Perfect Zip Bags pattern here or here.

PS: I made these pouches exclusively from scraps I had sitting around. The only thing I bought new were the zippers. The twill and denim came from pairs of my husbands old pants that I couldn’t figure out what to do with but felt bad throwing away. The back of each pouch is made from a piece of solid twill or denim to match the solid strip at the bottom on the front.

Did you handmake any gifts this Christmas?   How good are you at figuring out how long something will take? Please tell me I’m not the only one.




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10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hartman’s Perfect Zip Bags (or What I Made the Craft Night Girls for Christmas)

  1. Great pictures! They turned out so cute! I made a table runner and finished 3 quilts. Thanks to my favorite longarm quilter. ;)

  2. Oh man I wish I was in your craft night group – those are GREAT! And no I didn’t even attempt to finish what I had planned on making for Christmas which answers your second question – you are not alone I assure you, and I have the boxes of “I can do this” projects to prove it.

  3. Great blog, love your little purses. Bet your sewing group loved them too. No I have given up making stuff for Christmas, like you I always underestimate the time needed and then stress way too much.

  4. Being one of the lucky recipients of these super cute bags, I’m pretty glad you decided to take the time to make something to use for Christmas gifts! They turned out awesome! :)

    I didn’t really make anything for anyone for Christmas. I had a few in mind, but like you talked about… I didn’t plan my time well enough to make it happen. I did order some SUPER cute handmade ornaments… so I still felt a little vicariously crafty! ;)

  5. I LOVE my little bag. I holds my digital camera and is in my purse this very minute. :}
    I made scarves and hats and headbands for people, but only half finished the 10 little babushka ornaments…that will have to wait till next season. Space and time…what exactly is that, anyway?

  6. I started a baby quilt for my new niece this august be uase the baby was due in October. In October I hadn’t even started quilting. I decided I “had” to hand quilt it… She got it for Christmas and just barely. It got there on Christmas eve.

  7. They turned out so cute!!! I love mine!! I didn’t make anything for gifts because I’m a procrastinator and not nearly as talented as you, so there’s no way I’d be able to throw that many of something together within a few days! Maybe someday I’ll learn to plan ahead……..

  8. What a relief to know I am not the only one with big ideas, small amounts of time and an understanding man that always says “whatever makes you happy”. Thanks for more ideas to add to an overflowing Limited time schedule :o)

  9. I have tried ump-teen dozen ways to get to the pattern for this pouch and I can’t get there from here as they say. Can you please send me a current link to this pattern. I have numerous friends that have fallen in love with them and are begging me to make them some but I’m not magical and have to have a pattern to work with.
    Thank you in advance and hope – no Pray – I hear from you soon.

  10. I love the little bags you made for your crafting friends. Ive searched every where for the pattern. Can you please email me with where i can get it? Thank you sooooo much!! Peggy.

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