Christmas Day


One of favorite days of the year. A day that I remember in hazy twinkle lights, and sparkling paper and overwhelming good.

Thank you for being born baby Jesus, and thank you even more for your life and your kindness and your patience with me.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be mommy to my sweet sweethearts, and a man that is better to me than I could have dreamed. So much love. I am grateful for my talents and the opportunity to do the things I love, and for the many many people who have encouraged and helped me along the way. I am so so thankful for the darling people who I have met through this blog, and their love and goodness. <---(that's you) I hope your holidays were filled with indescribable magic, love, and hazy twinkle lights. All my love, xoxo April PS More to come on the new patterns, and now that the recipients know about their gifts, I can tell you more about some of the handmade fun I made this year. Let's just say it was the year of the quilts. We'll talk soon.

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