Bits of Boo – A free table runner pattern

Don’t you love when you can make good use of leftovers or scraps? Me too.

Plus I love me a good table runner.

Also, it goes together crazy fast, which again is a huge plus in my book.

I want to spend time admiring my finished table runner, not spend a million years making it ;)

And to wrap it all up in the perfect package, this little pattern is free.

My gift to you.

You will need the BOO pattern (for the template) or my 8″ equilateral triangle template.

And some scraps. Or leftovers from making the BOO quilt. Or both. I used Midnight Magic fabric to make mine.

If you’re a shop, feel free to print this baby off as you’d like and hand it out to customers–a gift from both of us!

Click this link to download an easy printable pattern sheet.



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6 thoughts on “Bits of Boo – A free table runner pattern

  1. HI! I am searching for the coloring pages for the Boo Quilt to plot out my fabric choices. Could you please point me to where I can find those? Thanks!

  2. I love the quilt pattern and bought it immediately when I saw it.
    But, I’m not sure if I want a Halloween quilt/table runner
    I’m wondering about making it with other jelly rolls.
    I think the black/gray is what makes it so striking.
    Do you have any suggestions or examples of other quilts with this pattern?

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