13 thoughts on “Baby Boy Shower

  1. I like that you are weird like that. ;) You are so willing to go the extra mile, and we love you for that. I loved the shower. It was so fun to “shower” Lyndi with baby boy clothes.

  2. Should I expect a shipment of pink and purple M&M’s to arrive at my place, sometime soon? Hmmm? By all rights, they should be mine. Bwa-hahaha.

    It was an incredible party. You are amazing.


  3. The shower was SO great and the food and decorations were fantastic! Thank you VERY much for all the thought and effort that went into making it such a fun and special day!

  4. What did you use as the drinks? Almost looks like blue jello? Blue koolaid seems more like it. Great idea!

    1. I cut triangles of fabric and triangles of fuseable webbing, then folded them in half around a toothpick and ironed them on. Does that make sense? Maybe I’ll have to take some pictures of making one. It’s easier done than explained. :)

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