A surprise {fast and easy} quilt for Great-Grandma

We had no idea what to give her for Christmas.

Especially because she was quite adamant in saying she didn’t want anything (which is of course not acceptable).

She doesn’t need anything.

But she’s always cold.

Turns out, that, I know how to fix.

A darling layer cake of American Jane’s Fairy Tale Friends (thanks Moda!) some really snuggly backing, and a few hours later?


She loved it.

“Oh, I’ve just never felt something so soft!”

It just might have been the only gift that got her to smile this year.

But I might be biased.

It now lives on her bed along with the matching pillowcase.

That, my friends, is what quilting is all about.




5 thoughts on “A surprise {fast and easy} quilt for Great-Grandma

  1. It turned out gorgeous! So bright and vibrant. The quilting is so fun. No wonder great-grandma loved it. She has every right to.

    Also love the little elves shoes peeking through… ;)

  2. Soooo beautiful! I love mine too–and I didn’t have to be a great grandma to get it either. It’s the softest thing on earth.

    I love the swirly stuff on this one. It reminds me of all your doodles over the years. They sure have paid off. :]

  3. Oh man, that is SO cute!!! I LOVE that you used the fuzzy backing on it! It makes me want to climb underneath and take a nap :)

  4. Hi April! I was wondering if that was minky that you used on the back, or the ultra comfy fabric? I am looking to do the same kind of backing for a “chemo quilt” so I’m looking for ultra comfort for someone special! Your work is beautiful… really enjoying your website!


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