A new space.

The more I thought about what I wanted this blog to be, the more I thought about the “feel” I wanted to have here. I realized that every day, I wish that things could be just a little more calm, a little more quiet, a little more polite. It seems to me that there’s just too much rudeness going on out there. Too many people who don’t know what they’re about. So many who need to learn how to create things with their own two hands–whether that’s a home-cooked meal, a beautiful quilt, or a handwritten note card.

I believe that each of us has a creative genius just waiting to be taught. I believe that nearly anything can be learned with some determination, and a little (or a lot) of Google searching.

I want to make my world just a little more peaceful, a little more calm. A little more old-fashioned. More authentic. More handmade.

You with me?

Talk to you soon.

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8 thoughts on “A new space.

  1. I am SOOO completely with you. I don’t want to be uniformed and I especially don’t want to be rude! ;) I can’t to see what else you have in store!

  2. Oh, I’m with you every step of the way my dear. I say a big huge amen to all of the above. And you are just the gal to create such a place. I just have one question…

    Why is this writing all in caps?

  3. I’m in ;) I love to know the best ways to not be misunderstood. I think that’s a valuable skill I need to cultivate these days. Sometimes the very times I work the hardest to be polite and cordial it’s taken the opposite way–and I’m at a loss. Simple “I Miss Mayberry” tactics and advice would definitely be welcomed ;)

  4. So when did you decide to do this blog? It is great! The problem with me is just trying not to compare what I can do to others who do it better.

    1. This is my “work” blog. :)
      An excerpt from one of my favorite quotes goes like this:
      “If you compare yourself with others,
      you may become vain or bitter,
      for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
      Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.”
      Which I think is a lovely way to approach your talents. Of course there will always be people better than you at things you do well. Thank goodness there are, then you can learn from them! Enjoy what you have done, and plan on other things that will help you increase your talents, and enjoy learning and growing.

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