Pattern Updates

#156 Gala Mini

In step 4, last instruction should read: Stitch Piece T on each side. Press.

There are a few updates (pieces G, R, and S) to the cut list. A new, updated cut list can be printed here:

Single sheet

Set of 4 for shops

#155 Bountiful Blessings

Cutting instructions should read: (16) 10” squares cut into 9 squares, instead of (24) 10” squares cut into 6 squares.

#154 Gala

Piece V should measure 7/8″ x 1 3/4″. Piece W should measure 1 3/4″ x 3″.

#150 Optimist

Diagram and wording on the bottom of page 4 should be adjusted as follows: 

#130 Modern Hex

Large white strips should be cut 5 3/4” wide, NOT 5 1/2” wide as stated in the earliest version of the pattern. Please adjust your pattern accordingly if necessary. This does not affect the yardage needed.

Print a pattern insert here for a single pattern.

Print 4 inserts to a page here (for quilt shops).

#121 Windspinner

On page 4, assembly instructions state to make 4 full blocks for crib size. This should read 5 blocks. Cut, piecing, and diagrams state numbers for the correct number of blocks and pieces.

#106 Scrap Basket {remix}:

First printing only (purchased prior to 7/2011)

(12) 1/4 yard WIDTH OF FABRIC cuts should read (20) 1/4 yard WIDTH OF FABRIC cuts.

Download back cover insert here.

#105 He Zigs She Zags:

First printing only (purchased prior to 7/2011)

(12) 1/4 yard WIDTH OF FABRIC cuts should read (14) 1/4 yard WIDTH OF FABRIC cuts.

(2) yards white solid should read (3 1/3) yards white solid

You should cut (25) large squares, not (13), and (5) 8″ section from each strip set.

Outside white border is cut to 4″.

6 thoughts on “Pattern Updates

  1. Thanks April for the octagon template. I finally remembered to look for the template on your website and it was an easy find. I love the pattern and I’m getting ready to make it.

    You may not remember but I met you at Spring Market and it was so fun talking with you and seeing your great patterns. That’s when I bought the Russian Rubix Pattern.

    Have a great Holiday!

    1. Kim–
      Of course I remember you! It was so much fun to meet someone who loved the Rubix quilt as much as I do. :) I would love to see your version when it’s finished. How’s it coming?

  2. Hello,

    I bought Orchard House and have a couple of questions. First, what size am I supposed to subcut the strip sets GDG, EEE, and CFC? And which E am I supposed to press toward in the EEE strip set? Thank you for your time!

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