Blockheads 5 – GROUP 2, BLOCK 3 – my turn!

My blocks!

Hooray! These are my Shimmer Star blocks! I designed this block just for this round of Blockheads, and I love how it turned out!

I love how different they look in inverse! I did the 6″ block with a blue star, and then placed the colors in opposite positions for the 12″ version. I think they’re so pretty :)

Here are some other views and angles for your viewing pleasure. :) The fabrics are all from my Starry Sky collections, shipping to stores now :D

I’m excited to have a blue and white sampler quilt, I only have the quilts I’ve made for Starry Sky, but no samplers :)

What colors are you using for your Blockheads blocks?

I’m excited to make more blocks and see this quilt come together. :)

Have a happy week friends!

If you’d like to, the blocks are free each week in the Moda Blockheads Facebook group. Head on over and join to get started!

Are you a Blockhead? 😂



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