Farmhouse Style Fabric Bundle – This week’s giveaway!

Farmhouse Style #bedroomstyle giveaway

Is your style Farmhouse? Do you love objects that have proven their worth over time, and classic, well made furniture? Do you stick to colors that remind you of history and heritage, and avoid trends as too fleeting? Do you enjoy decorating for the seasons and holidays?

FarmhouseMoodBoard #bedroomstyle giveaway

In my new book, Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced, farmhouse style is one of five featured design styles–and we discuss, you and I, how to give your bedroom a beautiful, timeless Farmhouse look and feel. Farmhouse style is classic and often quite elegant, and can still be current and on trend with the right color combinations and accessories.

Nomad-Summer-Fields from Bedroom Style Perfectly Pieced by April Rosenthal

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